Friday, October 19, 2012

SLEEP...or lack thereof...


Ugh...  It's 3:24 AM on a Thursday and I am in my sewing room - awake!  Like many women of my age, I seem to be having more and more difficulty getting my nightly eight hours of sleep.  Whether it is all from hormonal changes, or partially related to my pain syndrome, is up for grabs.  Not that it really matters.  The end result is a lot less sleeping going on!  Gone are the days when my bed was a haven and sleep a destination at the end of a long blink. 

Unfortunately my dear husband is suffering from my insomnia also.  If I am not waking him up moaning in my sleep from pain that even invades that place of peace, I am bouncing him around as I toss and turn in bed trying to find a comfortable position.  As I said, neither one of us is getting much sleep these days...and the poor man has to get up at 5:00 AM for work!

So tonight, (or this morning...whichever way you want to look at it), when I woke up at 12:50 AM (after just 2.5 hours of sleep...grrrrrrr) I decided to move to the futon in the guest room and give my poor. sweet, suffering husband a chance for a good night's rest.  While moving to the futon may seem a sacrifice, I find the futon (still in the upright position) infinitely more comfortable than many beds I have encountered while traveling.  So all should be right with my world and I should be sailing off to dreamland with ease.  Right?  Wrong.  You see, I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine to keep me breathing regularly while I sleep.  Although the CPAP machine computer proves I am the "poster child for CPAP use with 100% compliance" (my doctor's words, lol), I figured one night of not using the machine wouldn't do me too much harm.  But, after six years of nightly CPAP usage I have discovered it is totally impossible for me to doze off without the constant flow of air!  I could go back into my bedroom and disconnect my machine and bring it into the guest room...but that is absolutely certain to wake hubby and then there is a strong possibility he would be unable to get back to sleep for the remainder of his night!  No sense both of us being awake.  I could try to go back into our bed and fall asleep...but that would likely cause him the same problem. I sit.  Cold.  Exhausted. And BORED OUT OF MY MIND!  I have checked my emails numerous times, visited all of my favorite blogs, spent hours on Pinterest and have finally decided to spend a few minutes grouching and griping here on my blog.  Remember, I did warn you this was going to be an honest account of the ups AND downs of my life, lol.

I guess there is only one thing to do...head back to the guest room futon, snuggle back down under my warm denim quilt and mentally plan my "To Do" list...until my hubby is awake and I can crawl back into bed and collapse.  First thing on my mental ToDo a backup CPAP machine for the guest room! Or better yet, see if I can have my extra, very old machine reprogrammed to my current flow setting.  Yes, definitely a more frugal way to go.  Here's hoping there is a "free" fix to my problem and future sleepless nights are cut down to a minimum. 

Sleep well my friends!


  1. So sorry you are having problems sleeping. I go through the same thing every two weeks or so.

    God bless.

  2. Sorry to hear you can commiserate with me! It is now Tuesday night and I am having another bout of insomnia. I guess the best thing to do is learn to enjoy my unavoidable "me time", lol. Since I am not shaking too badly right now I think I will see if I can sew a bit more on my Myrtle Beach quilt. A nice, QUIET, productive activity!
    Sleep tight!