Wednesday, May 15, 2013


After 11 days of vacation in a beautiful condo on the beach, I am FINALLY starting to feel "at home" again.  For the first couple of days it seemed as if I had too much "settling in" to do and my house just didn't seem like "home".  It was "out of sorts" and so was I!

But, now that the unpacking is done, the laundry is caught up, the fridge contains fresh milk and the foot high pile of mail has been opened, sorted and mostly relegated to the circular house is my home once again; a cocoon of warmth, familiarity and safety where I can spend my days resting in peace and tranquility.

Today I will be having a conference with my lawyer, a "review", prior to next Tuesday's Social Security Disability hearing.  I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this ordeal is finally over.  Dealing with health issues is hard enough without having to deal with mountains of red tape, forms, medical records and money worries too! 

Yesterday morning my mom and dad stopped over.  It is wonderful to see them both looking so well.  Hard to believe that less than two months ago Dad underwent major lung surgery, compounded by a case of shingles on the inside of the arm adjacent to his surgery site!  He is a tiny bit short of breath when walking up steps, but overall is doing great now. 

Dad took his car to the shop for an oil change while Mom gave me a hand with some of the mundane "household chores" around here.  She ADORES cleaning and...if she could whistle...I am sure I would have heard the classic Disney tune floating through the house.  She was in heaven "putzing around the house" as she puts it... running the vacuum, dusting, wiping fingerprints off of the woodwork and emptying trash cans. 

Now that the house is back in shape (Thanks, Mom!) I am able to take life a bit easier.  I managed to crochet a tiny bit on the guest room afghan I started on vacation and sewed up a few of the 5" blocks I am using to make my quest room quilt.  I have separated those activities with hours spent resting, rocking and reading the first of Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilt series.  So far I am loving it.

For Mother's Day my dear sweet son, J, gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble.  With it I was able to order the second book in the Elm Creek series, the new Dan Brown book Inferno, and a book to teach me how to do Tunisian Crochet. 

Well, the lawyer should be calling in 10 minutes, so I had best get my desk organized for note taking during our conference.  It's good to be HOME.........


  1. You have a beautiful home! Love your front porch....

  2. Thank You, Amy! To me, the porch just "makes" the house. It was not original, however. When we were looking at the sample house back in 1990 I loved it, but Dear Hubby had always wanted a house with a front porch. I promised him that if we bought the house, SOMEDAY we would put a porch on the front. In 2001 I kept that promise and I think the house looks much better with it!