Sunday, September 22, 2013


Isn't it beautiful??  This was my favorite quilt at the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza (well tied for first, anyway)!  Yesterday my mom and aunt and I went to the quilt show.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It was AMAZING!  We had the most WONDERFUL day.  Before we go much further I do have an admission...I am a REALLY BAD BLOGGER.  I forgot about my camera for more than half of the quilt show!  Upon entering the quilt show you begin with the vendors.  The quilts, bags, wall hangings, mug rugs, candle rugs, table toppers, clothing, etc., etc., etc., at each vendor's booth were just MAGNIFICENT!  I was so busy oohing and aahing at the finished products and looking quickly over their wares (there is absolutely NO way to check out every item in every booth unless you start at the opening second and don't stop until the final minute today...and then would still have to move at lightening speed!) that I totally and completely FORGOT to take pictures of the handiwork.  I only remembered to take my camera out of my purse when we entered into the exhibition area!  This was one of the first quilts we saw when we entered into the convention center and even this didn't trigger my brain to pull out the camera!  I was just so excited I wasn't thinking straight!  I did make sure to grab a quick shot of this quilt at the very end as we were walking out! Isn't the applique GORGEOUS?!?

I went to the quilt show with some specific "needs" in mind.  I really wanted to look for a turntable mat.  

I found this beauty on the second aisle we went down.  It is made of lucite with a removable, replaceable cutting mat.  

It has a ball bearing turning mechanism and little feet that grab the table with the slightest downward pressure.  It is really well made and I expect to get years of cutting pleasure before I even have to think about replacing the mat.  

I was thrilled to find the Plum Easy patterns for hot pads and a pin cushion.  I had tried to purchase the potholder pattern from one of my favorite bloggers, but she ran out before I was able to grab one.  I also purchased a Prairie Pointer to make ironing prairie points easier!  With my purchase they also threw in a small glue stick and a cute little folded star button that I pinned onto my quilt show purse.  I've tried to take a picture of the adorable little button...but there is a glare in my sewing room that is making it impossible to photograph.  

The most unexpected purchase was this binding tool.  I have struggled with the binding of every quilt I have made.  I've tried several different methods and tutorials and STILL have not managed a truly professional looking join.  Hopefully this tool will solve my problem!  

Sort of between the vendor and exhibition sections was the concession area where we stopped for a quick lunch.  We each had a bowl of delicious cream of broccoli soup, a cheeseburger (they didn't put cheese on any of the sandwiches...I think the hamburgers were in the cheeseburger bay and the cheeseburgers were in the hamburger bay!) and a soda or coffee.  The hamburgers were a bit dry and bland without the cheese, but the soup more than made up for the disappointment. 

Below were some of my favorite quilts in the exhibition area.  I am sorry that I didn't get pictures of the absolutely beautiful work throughout the vendor section.  I was drooling over SO many of the completed projects in that area.  Hopefully next year I will remember to start the camera clicking as soon as I walk in the door!

My son would love this!
This quilt is tied for first as my favorite quilt in the whole show!

So far today has been a productive day!  I have my last load of laundry in the washing machine and while the appliances have chugged along I have done a bit of crafting myself.  Yesterday at the show I realized I had made a REALLY stupid mistake on my quilt show purse.  I had not allowed enough width for the final fold of the strap...leaving raw edges out and flapping in the wind!  How I managed to be so completely oblivious is still a mystery, but once I saw some fraying on the back of the strap  yesterday, the light bulbs went off!  DUH!!!  So this morning I remade the strap and now have my quilt show purse constructed the way it SHOULD have been constructed previously.  Sometimes I wonder where my brain disappears to!  I will take my things out of it today and go back to my usual handbag, hanging this cute little purse in my ESR (Expanded Sewing Room) until the next quilt show.  By the way, the size was absolutely PERFECT as it held everything I NEEDED to have with me, yet was not overly heavy and with its small opening and cross-body construction was secure in the throngs of people.  Sad that we even have to think of security in a "quilting" venue!

I also made up 10 Hershey Kiss blades for the final dresden of my mom's quilt.  I still need to make the final 10 white blades before I can put it all together.  Maybe tomorrow...    I also cut out 24 embroidery floss cards using my Sizzix.  These threads were all bought at the Thrift Store super sale on Friday.  I probably won't get around to winding them until tomorrow as I am getting really, REALLY tired and sore.  After the laundry is done I will take a quick shower and get dressed.  I need to head to JoAnn's to buy some batting for my mom's quilt and also some for my design wall.  Dear Hubby has also promised to help me put some of the two rooms that were painted back together again.  There is no way I can hang the curtains in the yellow room or hang the shade, new shower curtain or wooden wall cabinet in the bathroom by myself.  Slowly, but surely, my house is coming together!

Need to rest a bit before I shower.......  Have a great day!


  1. Absolutely love that quilt. Gives one something to aspire to. Would be my favorite too, but all the others are great too. What goodies you found! Thanks for sharing

    1. Oh I had so much fun looking at the beautiful quilts!

  2. That first applique quilt is just beautiful ! Thanks for sharing - looks like a fun time !

    1. I have never tried is now moving up to the front of my "learn it" list!

  3. Beautiful quilts and you bought some wonderful goodies! Sounds like you are busy and have fun painting! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

    1. I miss the days when I could do my own painting. But, having professionals do it is certainly a lot quicker and less messy, lol.