Wednesday, March 12, 2014


No photo with today's post, just a quick "shout out" to let you know that one of my goals for 2014 is working!  We are lowering our monthly outlay of money by undertaking numerous frugal activities...and are increasing our savings with the money not spent!  FINALLY!  We have been trying to "frugal" for several years and have been incorporating "frugality" into our lifestyle a little bit at a time.  For many years it has been three steps forward, one step back.  Suddenly, though, it is like all of those "little things" are finally starting to add up.  I cannot begin to tell you how HAPPY I am with our accomplishments!  It is like our mindset has suddenly flipped all the way, instead of teetering between spending and saving! 

If you still find yourself in the "teetering" stage...don't lose hope!  Mindful, deliberate living and frugality are DEFINITELY the lifestyle choices to make; and the rewards are worth so much more than money!


  1. Hooray Lin!! I've been with you through all the stuggles and I'm happy to see you finally feel you are reaching your goals. Love your blog and try to take a look as often as possible.
    Love, Red Robin

  2. Thank you, Red Robin! Yes, we are finally making great strides. Even Dear Hubby is thrilled with our progress! Take care!

  3. Isn't it lovely when you finally reach your goals. Good going Lin.

    God bless.