Tuesday, April 15, 2014


These 12 small blocks (approxiamtely 7" square) have really taken a LONG time to come together.  They have been pure joy to work on...however, my danged body has not cooperated one little bit!  But, FINALLY, this first embroidery and applique step is done! 

My next job is to square up the blocks to a precise 7" and then embroider the "labels" for each box.  My Dear Aunt has always labeled the outside of her shoe boxes, so these will be done in kind.  Then a quick applique of the 12 labels to the boxes and I will be ready to do some arranging and piecing. 

I am PRAYING for some tremor free days to do the squaring up.  Even if my fatigue is horrible I can probably find enough energy to square one block a day...but the tremor makes the rotary cutter dangerous, to both me AND my project!  Errant or crooked cuts would be disastrous!

Today is a particularly BAD day, so I am off to watch a DVD and rest. 



  1. Looks very good Lin. You are doing an excellent job. Can hardly wait to see the finished project.

    God bless.

  2. I love shoes! Yours are so cute! I find on those day a cutter is dangerous a pair of scissors works best! Sad you had a bad day too but very productive day! I cannot wait to see what is next with the shoes!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Thank you for the scissor suggestion. I still have some tremor free times, so I am hoping they show up in the next few days or so. If not, I will definitely try using scissors. I seem to have a horrible time getting the scissors lined up, though once they stabilize on the material with the beginning of the cut I am fine. It is just getting the scissors to stop at that point that is difficult, lol. Annoying as all heck, but I am thankful for the things I can still do!

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