Monday, March 25, 2013


This picture may be from the 16th, but the view is the same!  YUCK!
Good morning, friends.  It is a snowy, cold mess here in my part of Pennsylvania...but I couldn't be happier.  My Dad is home from the hospital!  My dad underwent lung surgery on Tuesday to remove a cancerous lesion.  At 80 years of age, he came through the surgery amazingly well and was released on Saturday evening.

I accompanied my mom and aunt down to the hospital every day, and I don't know if it was because of my increased stress, impending weather changes, or what, but my pain level was really high the entire week.  My neurologic issues were also raising their ugly heads!  I think DAD was walking better than I was!!  One day at lunch I couldn't keep my sandwich in my hand, nor pick it up when it dropped!  I took my crocheting with me but was unable to accomplish more than about half a dishcloth over the course of an entire week!  I just hurt too badly and was tremoring too badly to do much of anything constructive.

But, sitting there next to his bed for all of those hours (he slept a lot) gave me a really good chance to think.  A post on not too long ago got me to thinking about what items in my life I could "make" instead of "buy".  Over the long term I really hope to make less of an impact in all aspects of my life.  So I began thinking of the things that I have made over a span of many years that can be utilized more routinely to both save money and lessen my footprint...AND I began planning things I can make into the future to achieve my goals! 

Here is what I have thought of so far...

Blankets and quilts to keep our heater turned down a little lower:  
"Solo Trip", made in the 1980s, is folded on our family room sofa to snuggle under

"Memories of Myrtle", made in 2012, is folded on our family room sofa to snuggle under
"Dorm Denim", made in 2006, is on our guest room bed.  It keeps me warm when I sleep in there to avoid waking Dear Hubby with my tossing, turning and moaning in pain. 

A "Ripple Afghan", made in 1981, for my then boyfriend (now hubby) sits on my Scrappy, Happy Place rocking chair to keep me warm while resting. 
I am currently working on a new queen sized quilt for the guest room (the denim quilt is only a twin).  It is VERY slow going as I only work on it for a short while at a time, but as long as I don't have a real "guest" any time soon it is not a problem.  The quilt will be made of 5" squares so I am going to need lots and LOTS of blocks to reach queen size!  I am hoping to have it finished by the end of 2013...maybe. 

Cleaning supplies to keep my house sparkling without all of the harmful chemicals:  (Note:  I still have a LOT of store bought cleaners to work my way through, but am changing over to homemade as things run out):

A freshly brewed bottle of citrus cleaner

Citrus cleaner ready to spray

Homemade laundry detergent.  Looks like it is time to make more!

Baking soda shampoo & apple cider vinegar rinse

Reusables to replace disposables of many household items:   

A handmade washcloth to use with liquid shower gel
A handmade Swiffer to use on my laminate and/or tile floors
A finished set of 3 washcloths for future use
My first handmade dishcloth to replace worn out store bought dishcloths and sponges

Things I am planning to make:  

I may actually attempt to crochet dishtowels as I am tired of buying towels that just push the water around and don't actually dry anything!  

I am also planning to crochet "soap sweaters" to hold all of our scraps of soap while showering.  The "soap sweaters" should also work well with sample sized soaps.   

I am planning to sew up more cloth napkins.  We have just started using cloth napkins and I need more.

I am planning to sew up reusable paper towels for "daily use" and some "disposable" paper towels (out of really worn material) to use with super "messy" jobs.  

I am planning to use some soft flannel to make hankies to replace boxes of tissues.   


I am planning to learn to make socks on my "sock loom".  

I am  planning to make an afghan for the guest room for extra warmth in bed.  

What have I missed?

These are all of the "handmade" substitutions I have been able to think ofAny suggestions on items I have missed?  What are you "making" to lessen your footprint?


  1. You and I think so much alike. This is my challenge this year as well. Perhaps its our time together on Frugal Living. LOL

    Try to make some of the swiffer dusters I made. They work like a charm and no spending any more cash on replacements!!!

    God Bless.

    1. I have only made one Swiffer floor cover. I want to make a few more and I also want to make the dusters. Did you use a particular pattern that I could also use?

    2. Other than the link in my blog for the dusters (I think I posted it in the post after the pictures) no, but it is really very simple to do.

      Got something in the mail yesterday!!! Love the bag and the goodies inside.

      God bless.

    3. Jackie -

      I'm so glad it got there! I didn't know how long it would take to arrive and I was beginning to get a bit worried that it was lost in the mail (like the gift my mom sent to J's girlfriend for her birthday!!!)