Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is the view out of my Scrappy, Happy Place window this morning.  Anyone who has known me for any amount of time, knows that I HATE snow!  But I have to admit that I would consider this the only "good" kind of snow...beautifying the porch roof and greenery outside of my window, but leaving the sidewalks and streets intact.   (Please excuse the incorrect date on my picture, I have to read the instructions to figure out how to fix it, lol.)

I am expecting today to be a fairly relaxing day.  I do have my usual Sunday laundry to do, but I have stopped pushing myself to get it all done in one day.  If I need to, I can always finish the last load or two tomorrow morning.  

From a "fun" perspective I am hoping to ask J to screw four new drawer tracks into the armoir.  Then I can take my time sorting and storing fabrics into the drawers over the next several weeks.  

J is coming over after work to show us his poor, damaged car.  He and DGF were driving down the road last evening when a teen pulled out of a gas station right into the side of his car.  Apparently she forgot the last "left" of the "look left, right, and then left again" taught in driver's education.  Thankfully, no one was hurt...but J said the poor girl was absolutely hysterical.  While J called the police, the poor girl called her father.  The girl accepted full responsibility when questioned by the policeman and her dad gave J his name and number, hoping maybe they could settle without using his insurance.  Based on the areas of the car damaged in the crash, I think it is going to be WAY more money than her dad will want to pay cash.  But then again, with 5 drivers on his policy and several accidents, he said he is not eager to put in a claim and have his rates go even higher.  

I am just PRAYING they don't total J's car!  He has matured a lot since he moved out a few short months ago.  Back then he was talking of "when I get a new car" like it was something he was going to purchase immediately.  Now, after living on his own for a while, he understands the wisdom of "no car payments" and just told me two days ago that he hopes this car lasts a whole lot longer because he is going to keep it until it absolutely dies before he considers another car purchase.  I hope his hand is not forced too early!

If I feel up to it later today I may work on a few 5" squares for my guest room quilt.  Lunch and dinner will be leftovers from the fridge.  If my hands won't cooperate to sew I will try to start another crochet dishcloth.  If that doesn't work either...I will read!  I have a long list of activities I can do based on my daily condition.  Unless I am forced to go all the way down the list to TV, I should have no reason to be bored today.  TV in bed is always my LAST resort! At least the view outside is pretty if the TV selection is poor!


  1. We are heading into another winter storm here with heavy snowfall.

    The roads out of Regina (where our youngest lives) are closed. I am expecting it to hit here very, very soon.

    Staying in where it is warm and doing some needed baking.

    God bless.

  2. We were predicted to have rain here all weekend but only had heavy wind and sun.

    Sorry to hear about J's car, hope they get it fixed for him soon.

    My boys were out of school today, have rediscovered that shopping with all children resembles a nightmarish mess.

    =) Gayle