Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Ah....Wednesday morning.  Half way through the week.  Even though I am retired I still look forward to Wednesday because it is that much sooner until my Dear Sweet Hubby and I have a few days off together.  Plus he occasionally works from home on a Wednesday or Friday.  Not often in his super busy time (NOW), but occasionally.  He will work from home more when things calm down.  It is just nice knowing he is slaving away two floors down instead of 50 miles away in another state!   We even occasionally eat lunch together. 

Since yesterday I had "scraps" overflowing my bucket and landing on my toes...I decided it was time to "handle" the scraps as my first order of business today.  This picture was taken a while back...the scraps were a LOT higher yesterday, lol.  My galvanized bucket was a "freebie".  When Dear Hubby had his knee surgery back in October of 2011 his coworkers sent him a Bucket of Beer.  It was SO cute!  It contained six different kinds of microbrewery beers and the required pretzels, nuts and other munchies.  He was thrilled to see the beer...I was thrilled to see the bucket! 

Priorities Dear,   I guess his are just different than mine, lol. 

So last evening when I couldn't sleep I pulled out my scrap boxes and worked my way through a handful of materials.  My system is fairly simple.  The plastic box on the side holds larger scraps.  Eventually I will replace this with a bigger box.  The red box holds strings, the pink plastic container holds small triangles...right now I have a separate smaller container for completed 1.5" HSTs (as soon as the weather is better I will paint another plastic box), the gray box holds hexies, the beige box holds crumbs, the blue box holds 6" dresden wedges and the dark blue box holds 2.5" squares.  Once I have cut up my bucket full I will pull the string box and cut down some of them to go into the 1.5" light tone strips, 1.5" medium tone strips and 1.5" dark tone strips  boxes that are still in my closet.  I will then go through the crumbs and see if there are any I can cut up for small triangles.  I also have a bigger container in the ESR (Expanded Sewing Room) for small pieces of batting.  My dream would be to have a stackable plastic drawer system to hold all of my scraps...but that is not possible in this room and although I have the ESR, I hesitate to put too much into it.  I need to be able to open up my folding tables when basting quilts.  How do you handle your scraps?


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  1. Not as organized as you. I just cut mine into 4 inch squares and store them in a large white box until I need them.

    The scraps from that are saved in another box for smaller quilting squares.

    God bless.

  2. I just cut my scraps either into 2-4 inch squares or into strips. Though right now I just have a couple of plastic boxes with uncut scrapes.

    What are crumbs? Really small bits of fabric?


    1. Yup, really small bits of fabric! I hope at some point to try machine applique, so those little pieces would work great for that!