Thursday, July 11, 2013

A SNEAK PEEK (and a request for direction)

Many, many years ago I was very involved in crafting of all types.  I crocheted oodles of handbags, afghans, hats and scarves.  I made enough to keep my family warm twice over!  I also loved to embroider and cross stitch.  I made a glut of tea towels, Christmas decors, framed pieces to hang on the walls, etc.  I doodled constantly (ask my mom about the covers of my school books, lol) and even embroidered some of my doodles!  

Then I grew up, life intervened and, despite loving handwork, my interests changed.  I was a wife, mother and business owner.  Crafting took a back seat to living.   Thinking back over the years I realize that I have not embroidered anything since 1988! WOW!  I can hardly believe it has been 25 years since I have picked up an embroidery needle!

Now that I am retired I have re-discovered my love of handcrafts.  Of course the timing is LOUSY (never let it be said I do things the easy way), given my Essential Tremor and inability to hold a needle most days.   Occasionally, though, I will have a short tremor free period and during those rare instances I have once again picked up a needle...CAREFULLY, lol.  I haven't accomplished very much hand sewing, but...Oh!...the joy in holding a needle and thread once more.

A few days ago, while talking on the phone, I found myself doodling.  As the doodles grew I began to fall in love with the design.  

Maybe it is time to turn my doodles into pretty little stitcheries?  I know it will take months and months and MONTHS to finish this tiny design by hand, but a small voice inside says it is a joy worth attempting....even in teeny, tiny bites (Band-Aids at the ready, lol). 

So, for now I will give you a sneak peek into a creative endeavor that brings back joys of the past and hopes for the future.  Will I ever be able to complete this tiny stitchery?  Only time will tell.  But the excitement of seeing the designs swirling through my head flow onto paper may be all the incentive I need!

Just in case I am unable to hand stitch this design, if anyone out there in Blogland knows how to digitize a drawing to a PES format to use on my Baby Lock....please leave a comment and point me in the right direction to transfer my designs.  I would love to know what is involved in the process.  Thank you!

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