Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My mom's sewing box is one of those padded boxes, with a handle on each side, that can be used as a footstool.  My Dear Hubby had given it to me years ago and, although I loved it, it was just too bulky for me.  When my grandmother's sewing box finally fell apart last year I offered the footstool type sewing box to my mom.  She loved it and the cute apple pattern it was covered in.  

The day I finished my prototype Collapsible Craft Container my mom and dad happened to be over the house.  They both loved it.  I told my mom that I was going to use it as a thread catcher in my EPP box.  We commiserated on the problem of the tiny pieces of thread never staying where you put them until you eventually tossed only half the amount of threads in the trash...and then spent the rest of the day picking up the tiny runaways!  A light bulb went on above my head (good thing they didn't see it, lol)...I could make one for my mom to match her sewing box!  

About a year ago I received some material from a fellow Freecycler.  I knew I had some scraps of apple material in the mix and was pretty certain the scraps were big enough to cover 1" hexies.   I had just enough of the apple pattern to cover 14 hexies and my mom's Christmas gift started to develop.  

It took quite a few days to complete, but I can now chalk one gift off my list.  Now to find a place to hide it so mom doesn't accidentally see it when she comes into my sewing room, but it is a logical enough location that I can remember my hiding place, lol. 

Five months to go and Christmas planning has finally begun!


  1. That is just beautiful. I think your Mom is going to love her gift!!!

    God bless.

  2. Thanks, Jackie! One gift down...lots more to go. Unfortunately I really don't have many ideas. Need to put my thinking cap on!