Monday, January 6, 2014


I woke up this morning to the sounds of torrential rain and howling winds.  The perfect day for some comfort food, yes?

Last evening I got the itch to bake.  It was already pretty late, so I needed something quick and easy.  I found a package of Raspberry and White Chocolate scone mix that Dear Hubby and I had purchased on vacation.  It was a quick mix...just add water, stir and bake.  I had pushed myself too hard during the day and was definitely feeling it, so the mix was perfect!  No effort baking!  While four of the scones had to be placed onto a second baking sheet (and burned) the remainder of the scones came out perfectly.  I guess I should have made them all a bit bigger and kept them all on one sheet, lol.  But, burnt or not, they were delicious.

Hearing the monsoon-like rain pounding on the windows this morning convinced me that comfort in the guise of two scones and a big mug of steaming coffee was the answer to my breakfast needs.  I even spread one of the scones with some delicious Lemon Curd that we picked up at World Market in South Carolina. Oh YUM!

While making my coffee I had to open a new box of K-cups.  In keeping with my 2014 goal of organizing and living a more deliberate life (part of being organized), I took the time to nicely arrange the K-cup drawers and glanced at the back of the box tear off.  Ah-HA!  A contest!  I immediately went to my computer and entered the contest...and then, since I can enter daily until March, I saved the site to a "Contests" sub-folder in my main Making Money bookmark.  Making Money is one of the first bookmarks I visit on a daily basis.  It contains sites where I can receive freebies, points for searching, points for buying, points for reading articles and answering questions, points for surveys and now contests! I also made sure to toss the tear-off into the recycling bin instead of the trashcan.  My trash company gives points for the weight of trash recycled and I can use those points to buy free gift cards!  This morning I was "living deliberately"...not flying from chore to chore with little to no awareness of how my actions did impact, or could impact, my life and surroundings!

While eating my scones I realized that having a supply of "cheap" mixes would also help on days when I was too exhausted, too sore, or too shaky to bake from scratch.  I added "Make Mixes" to my main ToDo list. 

As I shut down the contest link I noticed that my computer had popped up with an opportunity to upgrade my MAC operating system.  I figured that was something I should do, but this computer used to belong to J and I was unsure of his password.  I knew I had written it down on a piece of paper and shoved it into my HUGE pending file folder (yet to be organized).  After a bit of searching I found his password and began the upgrade.  I also placed the post-it containing his password in a place where I was sure to look and sure to find it the next time an upgrade came around.  But, in doing so, I noticed how horrible my password list looked.  There were cross-outs, erasures and smudges all over.  I printed out another stock form (in black and white to save ink) and rewrote all of the passwords.  Another tiny bit of organization accomplished! 

In order to meet my 2014 goal I need to slow down my life.  After years of multi-tasking just to meet deadlines, I need to slow down and "think" about what I am doing.  No more moving on auto-pilot!  I need to consider each thing I do.  Is there a better, easier, cheaper way of doing this?  Is there a way I can benefit from doing this, or something associated with it?  If I were to need to reference this in the future, would I know where to look?

It took 24 years of juggling my family's needs, my own business, and housework in order for my home to become this unorganized.  It isn't going to be reorganized over night.  And it SHOULDN'T be.  Organizing is NOT a once and done.  It is a lifestyle choice that should, in the long run, guarantee that I am getting the absolute MOST out of every aspect of my life.  Now that is a change I can live with! 

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