Thursday, July 8, 2021



Many, MANY years ago...when I was a dad would paint a yearly picture on our big living room mirror.  Every year my mom would search diligently until she found just the "perfect" Christmas card for my dad to copy.  A few years into this tradition, my mom handed my dad a smaller card and requested a painting for the powder room mirror.  Dad complied, year after year.  One year, however, dad asked if I would like to learn to draw and paint.

It took me almost as long for me to paint this tiny guitarist as it took dad to paint the big picture!  But, I had not only DRAWN something, but I had painted it, to boot!  This continued a few years longer, until we moved.  I was in college, working, and really too busy to tackle our new powder room.  Any thoughts of EVER drawing or painting again went the way of the dodo bird!!

Then, at the end of last month I got the itch to draw again.  I really don't want to count how many years it has been since my powder room painting days, LOL.  The above is the result of my first try.  My dad, and many of my paternal relatives, are a whole lot better than me, but I had FUN picking up his colored pencils and drawing something simple...straight out of my head.  I framed it to remind me of Dad's teaching so many moons ago.  

I started watching a few YouTube videos to learn some technique.  One suggested that I draw something sitting right in front of me.  The Prevagen bottle was sitting on my desk.  See, I'm showing my age, LOL.  

Next, I looked around my sewing room to find something colorful to draw.  My eyes fell on a brown reed basket filled with balls of yarn.  You would not believe my excitement when my grandson saw me drawing and said, "Nice, balls of yarn".  He recognized it from my beginner attempts!

So I am back into drawing, quilting, weaving, sewing,  and a million other things!  There are lots of things happening in my life right now that I can't quite share...but I will keep you posted!  Have a great day and stay creative!!


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