Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A FINISH (no matter how small) IS STILL A FINISH...


Remember these hexie flowers I hand stitched during an unusually "steady hand" day?  Last night was steady also, so I decided to take advantage of my good luck and try to finish my pincushion as quickly as possible.

It is all finished and I just LOVE how it turned out!  I have decided to use the blue side for now (it matches my walls), but I can easily flip it over to the yellow side whenever the mood strikes, lol. 

When I had finished the pincushion I began sewing together some more hexies.  I have an idea floating around in my head to make something that will solve a minor sewing annoyance of mine...but I am unsure at this point if it will turn out exactly as planned.  If my prototype works I will post pics and maybe even a tutorial.  My first!

After only sewing together two and a half hexies the tremor started and I was forced to put away my project.  DARN!

Good thing I got that much done last night, as my tremor is absolutely HORRENDOUS today.  I had a hard time even cutting up fruit for my lunch!  

Speaking of lunch, I am trying to incorporate more summer fruits, veggies and fiber into my diet.  I SERIOUSLY need to lose weight.  My medication has caused a 15 pound weight gain in the last month and I need to do everything I can to combat that side effect!  So lunch today was low fat vanilla yogurt, fresh peaches, and a handful of popcorn to add a bit of fiber to the meal.  Did you know that Herr's Original Popcorn allows 3 whole cups as a single serving?  Definitely enough to fill my belly!  I topped it all with a huge glass of ice water.  I need to go back to my 8 to 10 LARGE glasses per day. 

Over the past few days I have finished sewing up all of the quilt blocks that I had prepped.  

Hopefully tomorrow I can begin to square them up and begin pinning them onto my design wall.  Until I see the "X's" I've completed on the wall I won't be able to tell if I even need to create more blocks, and additionally what colors or designs I need.  I have plenty more charm squares and even some fat quarters and yardage that matches the fabrics I have used so I am good to go whenever I am up to continuing work on my quilt.  

Right now I am exhausted and plan to head to bed for a nap.  There's always tomorrow.....

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  1. I really like your hexies. I've never sewn hexies because I shy away from hand sewing, but they look so adorable! Your X blocks are great too! Thanks so much for linking to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. Thank you, Kelly! Oh, I love hexies too...but I have shied away from them because of my Essential Tremor. Me and needles just don't mix well unless there is an ample supply of Band-Aids nearby, lol. But I had a short period of time where I was steady so I went at it with gusto! Since I love the look of hexies so much I am going to try to find a way to sew hexies completely by machine. If I figure it out I will let you know!