Monday, June 17, 2013


It has been a GREAT weekend here at the cottage!

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On Saturday my Dear Hubby and I celebrated our 28th anniversary.  Dear Hubby took me out to a rather expensive restaurant to celebrate.  While the food was MAGNIFICENT, I doubt we will ever eat there again.  I can't justify spending that much money on food!  However, sitting and talking over a glass of wine/beer in the low key, unrushed atmosphere was wonderful!  The incredible food was served with perfect timing, by perfect waiters and waitresses...not so quickly as to feel like a "fast food joint", but not too slow either.  We both left the restaurant appropriately STUFFED! 

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Then yesterday we all went to my folks/aunt's house to celebrate Father's Day and our anniversary.  The gang was all there, including J and his Dear Girlfriend, K.  With their crazy work schedules we very rarely get to see them and the rest of us are missing them terribly! Spending several hours with the two of them was the best anniversary present we could get!  J has also given us an IOU for a day spent at our house completing some household chores that Dear Hubby and I just can't manage alone.  Another great gift...and easier on this young couple's pocketbook! 

The weekend held another highlight for me!  Somehow the stars aligned juuuuuuuuust right and my hand tremor calmed down for a few hours...long enough for me to do a bit of EPP!!!!  Of course, it wasn't long before the shaking returned and I was forced to stop sewing...but being able to hold a needle in my hand without a nearby box of band-aids is a rather uncommon occurrence.  Since I have quite a few hexies ready to be sewn together at any time, I took full advantage!

I still have a bit of sewing to do on the yellow flower and then these will be sewn together to make a pincushion for my travel sewing case.  I think I am also going to make a small thread catcher to keep things neat when sewing somewhere other than at home.

This morning dawned bright and sunny and I am loving every minute of it!  Now I'm really wishing that Dear Hubby had power washed the front porch and furniture as I would love to sit out there today and do a bit of crocheting or reading.  But the porch is still full of cobwebs and even with a ladder I could never reach the cushions.  They are stored in J's old hockey equipment bag (aired out WELL first...sheesh what a STENCH!) way up on top of the garage shelving, near the ceiling.  I have a few quick phone calls to make and then the rest of the day will be played out in bits and pieces.

Off to check my emails...the first of my daily tiny elephant bites!  

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