Saturday, April 21, 2018


Today Dear Hubby and I made a quick trip to Ikea to pick up a few things that he needed for his office.  While I LOVE my sewing room, it's lack of storage is becoming more and more evident as time goes on.  I guess I could just stop buying, LOL, but new techniques seem to require new notions.  So as my quilting knowledge expands, so too does my stuff! 

Above you will see the newly organized corner of my cutting table.  My newest purchase has served my needs nicely...for now.

While winding our way through the Market section of Ikea I spotted this beauty.  I seriously needed something to corral all of my rulers.  My long rulers, large square rulers and instructions for my Dresden and TriRec rulers are housed in the top level...and there is still room to grow!.  The next level down holds my binding tools, dresden rulers and my Tri-Recs.  The blue and gray CD holder keeps all of my small rulers in check.  The travel drive that I hope will one day house all of my machine embroidery patterns (thoughts of organizing them make me tired!) and a pkg of embroidery needles sit nicely up front, though I may pop those into the case that holds my embroidery thread.

I was thrilled to have accomplished so much organization so cheaply!!!  Once again, Ikea comes to the rescue!


Friday, April 20, 2018


This is where my sewing stood when I last posted several weeks ago.  I was happy to be back in the swing of creating and looked forward to completing my runner and moving on to other things.  Note to self:  NEVER figure out your is an open invitation for "Murphy" to throw a monkey wrench into things!

On Sunday, the 8th, my dad had a mini stroke!  He spent a few days in ICU and then was transferred to the telemetry floor.  For the first few days I was so stressed that the thought of a bit of hand sewing to pass the time never even entered my mind!  Once it did, however, I threw my sewing kit into my purse and worked on producing white hexies for another runner in my sewing room. 

When I got home I dove into attaching those hexies to the assorted hexie diamonds I had already completed.  I tried hard to get my mind off of "medical" stuff, but this Facebook post kind of says it all, LOL! 

Dad came home on the 13th and is recuperating nicely.  It has taken a full week for my body to recover from the damage caused by my level of stress.  Today was the first day I had a more "normal" (for me anyway) supply of energy.  I remembered a scone mix that I had seen buried in the pantry.  Breakfast?  Easy, peasy!  Unfortunately the taste was on par with the amount of energy expended!!!  Not too great, ;o(  I think it is time to say goodbye to "convenience" mixes and find myself a few old fashioned recipes like my great grandmother would have made.  Better for our bodies and most definitely better tasting!!!