Thursday, November 28, 2013


I know I have not been around the blog much lately.  I had planned on taking lots of pics during our vacation and updating you as our vacation progressed.  However I have taken NO pictures, lol.  I have been too busy relaxing!  I promise when we are back in Pa shortly I will take photos of the few purchases I have made and share them!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends and followers!  May your day be filled with the love of your family and friends and WAY TOO MUCH food, lol.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


See that big open space on my sewing table?  That's where my Ellure Plus (Ellie) is supposed to be sitting...ready and able to stitch away on tons of happy projects!  Unfortunately, she needed a bit of a "tune up" and "clean up" to keep her stitching merrily along and has been in the "hospital" for the past week.  In other words...all of the Christmas gifts I have started or planned have been waiting patiently for any progress.  THEY may be patient...but I am definitely NOT, lol.  

I have spent the past week sorting through TONS of paperwork, doing some online Christmas shopping for my folks (my gifts, lol), submitting all of our Flexible Spending Account receipts for reimbursement, etc.  In a way, Ellie's absence has been good for my other, less fun, projects!  

Since I am now done all of the Pending Paperwork Projects (say that three times fast, lol) I will spend today emptying out my scrap bucket and sorting, cutting, storing those bits and pieces of precious fabric that are worth too much money to waste. 

Goodness!  I didn't realize that my scrap bucket held so much!  Hopefully by bedtime tonight I will have everything cut into useful sizes...2.5" strip, 2.5" square, 1.5" strip, 6" dresdens, etc.  One more tiny corner of my sewing space will be all neat and organized!

AND...I will be resting and relaxing over the next few weeks and will be working on my crocheted bobble blanket.  It really needs to be done quickly to keep me warm over the winter!  Talk to you in a few with pictures, purchases and progress! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Oh My Goodness....where is the time going?  I can't believe it is noon already and all I have accomplished is quilting the Dresden blades on the FIRST of eight Dresden's in my mom's quilt.  Next I want to do an outline stitch around this Dresden, and then repeat the same for the rest of the blocks!  After the blades and outline quilting are done, then I want to quilt the centers of each Dresden and then straight lines 1/4" from the edge of each block...then quilt the border...and then bind...all in 21 days!  That is all the days I will have left between me and my machine both being away!  I am taking her in tomorrow for a good yearly overall, plus a check on the knee control of the presser foot.  Ellie is really not sewing as well as I would like and I want to get her looked at before it turns into something big.  

I woke up hurting this morning.  In fact I was DREAMING of hurting and I kept saying "Pain, Pain, Pain" in my dream.  When I woke up I realized I wasn't dreaming the pain.  So, wrestling this almost 60" x 60" quilt in my domestic machine is more than I can really handle today.  I pushed myself to do as much as I have done, and am now taking a lunch break.  I'm hoping maybe this afternoon the pain will lessen and I can knock out another one or two Dresdens.  Reminder to self:  NEXT YEAR START CHRISTMAS GIFTS ON FEBRUARY 1ST....


Friday, November 1, 2013

GOODBYE HALLOWEEN....HELLO....WINTER? is nasty, horrid and miserable outside the Cottage window this morning!  It is raining with blustery winds...and It. Is. DARK!  The sky has just gained enough bluish glow that I can begin to see the shapes of trees, cars and houses!  Up until a few moments ago it was pitch black!  Eeeek!  I'm used to seeing sunlight by 7:15 AM. 

Like Halloween, I guess summer is really and truly over (not that I mind Halloween being over...I hate the holiday, lol).  J just calls me a "weirdo" when I tell people I can't wait for it to be here and gone!  Now that the Famous Amos cookies are given out to all of the little ghosts and goblins, the Holiday countdown really begins!  I am SO far behind this year.

BUT, Mom's quilt is finally a flimsy!  Once again, I apologize for the horrible photo.  I was teetering on the step-stool again to get this picture.  I can't WAIT for a design wall!  I just have to trim the jump threads, give it a quick lick with the iron and I'm ready to sandwich.  Wait a minute!  Ummmm.....backing?  Oops, looks like I forgot to buy it!  If the weather ever calms down I will head to Walmart to buy a queen sized flat brown sheet.  I really like using sheets for the backing as I know they will wear well and there are less seams for little toes to get caught in.  Besides, I like to save my scraps for other projects instead of burying them on the back of a quilt, lol. 

Dear Hubby just yelled up the steps to remind me we have to leave for our eye doctor appointments.  Dang, I forgot I was going to have to go out in this mess.  Hubby says it looks "spooky" outside.  Yup, that describes it perfectly (shiver)!

Stay warm, and dry, my friends....