Thursday, December 6, 2012


I walked into my sewing room this morning, "blurry eyed" and miles away from "bushy tailed" desperate need of a steaming cup of coffee.  After a few sips the room began to take shape around me and my monitor jumped to life in front of me.  OMG, can it REALLY be December 6th?!?  I rubbed my eyes to make sure that the number on my desktop wasn't a 3 masquerading as a 6 just to see me squirm.  No, definitely a 6.  What?  When?  Where did all that TIME go?!?!?  It wasn't even Thanksgiving yet when we left for sunny South Carolina!

My dear sweet hubby and I returned from vacation a mere five days ago.  We knew when we made the reservations that we were "cutting it close" with Christmas preps, but it was the best time for him to be out of the office given the project workload.  But THIS close to the big day already? My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about the things that still need to be done before the big day.  Making my schedule even more difficult,  I have four medical appointments to go to by the end of next week and a Social Security court hearing on Monday! What was I thinking, or drinking, when I made that many appointments in the small window of time between our return from vacation and the holiday?  Somehow I will have to muddle through and try to get the absolute necessities done...and maybe fall very short of my usual Christmas verve.  But Christmas will come, whether I am ready or not. 

However, on a good note, today is the first day since our return that I can honestly say I feel like I have settled back into my home and routine.  I have been extremely fatigued since we have been back, taking several hour naps in the middle of the day...just to survive until I can drop into bed sometime after 6:00 PM.  My pain level has ramped a bit higher now that I am not spending my days sitting on a balcony staring at the ocean.  In the past five days I have accomplished ONLY the absolute necessities. 

But, my steaming cuppa jo' this morning chased away the cobwebs and primed my engine to accomplish as much as possible between now and then!  Time to get the lead out and move my bum!  I still have two handmade Christmas presents to finish (I have pared down my list a bit), a Christmas menu to plan and order, a house to straighten/clean and gifts to buy.  I sure hope my guys are up for a challenge as I will be dragging them kicking and screaming into my whirlwind, taking advantage of any and all help I can get, lol.  Christmas is a time of sharing and caring...and believe me I intend to SHARE the load, and don't really CARE if they like it, lol. In all honesty, though, my guys are really GREAT about helping me around here when I need it.  I just hope there is enough time for all THREE of us to get it all done.

Before I head off to work on my dad's quilt I want to give you a quick update on the things I HAVE accomplished since my last check-in.

A scarf for my aunt (completed):

Dad's quilt (in-progress):

I promise a "completed" picture of dad's quilt will be forthcoming in the next couple of days.  Then I have to turn a pile of miscellaneous parts into a scarf for my mom...I hope...

Off to work on the quilt!


  1. I had to rip out a sweater that I was knitting. Guess the boys will end up with mittens for Christmas as my knitting project for them. Harvey's pj pants are about half done, hope to do them tonight.

    Christmas seems to come faster and faster every year!!!

    Love the quilt for your Dad.

    God bless.

  2. At first I thought it was just me, because I lost a few weeks in there and am moving slower and losing days here and there to appointments, but NO....everyone is saying Christmas is coming quicker this year!

    Hope you get the mittens done. I would be heartsick if I had to rip out a whole sweater....I almost cried over a washcloth!

    Wishing you a healthy, happy and blessed Christmas.