Friday, January 18, 2013


Hello everyone!

Since the beginning of 2013 I have been battling the paper monster in my office/sewing room.  After the fiasco trip to the Social Security Office for my "hearing that never was", I have been researching lawyers and trying to organize my disability paperwork.  It is obvious that I am not going to be able to secure the disability coverage to which I am entitled without legal representation.

I have finally settled on a lawyer who handles only Social Security Disability and represents individuals with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Pain Syndrome (among many other conditions).  These three conditions are among the biggest contributors to my inability to work, so having a lawyer familiar with the implications of these medical issues is paramount.  I will be having my initial phone interview by the lawyer on January 24th and will be meeting at her office some time shortly thereafter.

In order to be completely prepared and hopefully cut down on the billable hours I will incur, I have begun assembling large 3-ring document binders for myself...with duplicates for the lawyer.  The sheer volume of materials generated since my original application for SSDI back in October 2011 is enormous!  Generating duplicates of this paperwork for the lawyer means I am "drowning" in records and plowing through mountains of 8.5 x 11 bond and rivers of HP ink for my all-in-one printer.

To date I have acquired copies of all of my medical records pertaining to the myriad conditions causing my disability, some dating back as far as 1999!  On more than one occasion I have thanked God for my experience in the medical records departments of many healthcare facilities and my understanding of medicine...and my medical conditions in particular.  If the task is overwhelming for me, I cannot imagine what a daunting task it is for individuals with no experience in the medical field.


As a result of these endeavors, my cutting table is completely covered with stacks of papers to be processed, one completed binder, one binder in process...and two more binders that will be assembled once my husband has stopped at the store to buy more supplies!

The stress of handling all of this is becoming more intense, and without my cutting table I am unable to begin work on the next two or three quilts I have planned; nor am I able to work on the two pillows I have promised family members.  My sanity saving crafting is on hold for at least the next few weeks while I focus on my legal representation.  Just when I need the diversion the most!!!  I am about at my wits' end!!!  Can you hear me screaming through cyberspace????

So I ran to JoAnn's and purchased a large skein of cotton yarn to make washcloths!  I have begun knitting the first of many.  I want to make at least 8 to stock my two bathrooms and I may consider knitting a few for J and his girlfriend to use in their new apartment.  Right now I am sticking to a plain garter stitch as I don't think I have the concentration necessary to tackle an actual pattern.  But maybe once the rhythmic click of the needles has soothed my nerves I can try something new!  I may not be cutting out the quilt I am itching to begin, but I'm working on quality hand made supplies for our home that will provide years of use and money savings.  The joy and pride that comes with hand crafting is just the medicine I need!  

So, please excuse me while I head to my rocker to lose myself in the click of needles, the motion of the chair and the rhythm of the music.   Ahhhhh.....serenity!!!!


  1. It's fortunate that you were able to find a lawyer who specializes in helping individuals who are suffering through similar conditions. That specialization and your organization with your medical records should help move the process further along. Speaking of which, how is it going?

    1. My hearing is set for May 21st. The last I talked to my lawyer was on March 20th. She called to discuss my "earnings". She wanted to inform me that I cannot request disability if I am earning and salary and since I have been receiving quite a substantial amount of money in salary, we have a problem. Huh? What salary? She named a company and an individual's name. HUH? Who? Long story short...someone else's entire earnings history is in my social security file. It seems this person's SSN is one digit off from mine! AND, all of the records i sent to SS back in December...still not in my file! I give up! I am just going to let her handle it completely. I don't have the energy to fight city hall! I think SS counts on people not having the energy or wherewithal to deal with the ridiculous issues. I am quite sure had I not gotten a lawyer I would have been turned down because of the erroneous earnings in my file! Total incompetence...