Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CHRISTMAS DECISIONS...I'm late, I'm late!!!

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Yes, the summer is flying and Christmas is getting here in double time!  It is time to start thinking about gifts to be made for my family.  Actually, I am LATE in making my Christmas decisions and starting my projects! 

Last night lying in bed a quilt started taking shape in my mind's eye.  Yup...I decided...this year MOM is getting a quilt!  It is going to be a quilt that incorporates applique, piecing and machine embroidery.  I ordered the embroidery patterns today, downloaded them some five minutes later and moved them all to a folder on my desktop called "Mom Christmas 2013". 

The designs I found are absolutely AMAZING considering the theme of the quilt and name I have chosen for it.  Sorta like when I wallpapered my living room before I had even bought one piece of furniture.  I explained to DH what I wanted in furniture to match the wallpaper and he said, "Just because you want it, doesn't mean they make it!"  Well, he was right...I was EXTREMELY detailed in my description of the furniture I wanted...and had to agree that my chances of finding it were not that great.  Until the following Friday evening when we ate dinner at a restaurant with an attached "furniture and gift store".  In the window....EXACTLY what I had described to my DH.  Eerie....  This time it was a "saying" that was so specific for my mom that I couldn't possibly imagine it pertaining to another human being!  Again, eerie.... (cue the Twilight Zone theme). 

First I need to search through my stash and find some "scrap" pieces where I can do a test embroidery of each design...all in a single color just to get an idea of size, etc.  Then after I am done the samples, I will need to search through my fabric and see if I have some cream colored material to use as a backing for the nine embroidered designs.  I will probably end up buying new, as I have an idea of what I want and I know it isn't in my stash!  Then I will purchase any poly thread I need for the patterns, substituting thread in my color scheme as opposed to all of the colors in the embroidery color sheet.  I think I am then going to alternate the embroidered blocks with dresden plates on a slightly darker backing.  The "arms" of the dresden (sorry I can't remember the real term) will be the cream material, alternating with novelty fabric.  I think I will use a decorative stitch on my machine to attach the dresden plates.  It is really starting to take shape in my mind!!!  The final piecing, sashing and borders will be decided after the embroidered blocks and appliqued blocks are done and I have the basic layout determined.  I am getting SO excited.  Hopefully tomorrow I can start doing a few samples of the embroidery! 

Sorry this is a "text only" post, but I will post pictures as I move along!  If I could open a window to my brain I would give you a sneak peek.  Heeheehee...I can't WAIT!  I just hope I can get it done in time for Christmas.  There is always the option of a box full of blocks and an IOU if I can't get it done in time!  I am also planning to make my aunt a cover for her Nook.  I've already made my mom a Collapsible Craft Container for her sewing box. 


  1. Sounds like your quilt for your Mom is going to be beautiful.

    I am starting the embroidered butterflies for my quilt today. Hoping they turn out as nice as I picture them.

    1. I wanted to get started today but I have a painting contractor coming today to give me an estimate and Kait came over to cut my hair. Hopefully Sunday I can get started with the trial embroideries. Enjoy your butterflies. I am sure they will be beautiful!