Friday, May 22, 2015

I NEED A HANDBAG... this morning I cut out most of the pieces to make myself this ADORABLE Miranda Day Bag! 

My current handbag is wearing badly (it's pleather).  I really wanted a cute little fabric handbag to take on vacation.  Something lightweight and fun...but sophisticated enough for an adult woman.  I would have loved one of those expensive fabric bags (you know which ones I mean), but I REFUSE to spend that kind of money on a handbag that will eventually wear.  I've spent big money on handbags in the past, but they have always been made of high quality leather from the brand name companies who truly stand behind the lifetime warranty on their products.  No matter what the manufacturer claims, fabric handbags have limited lives.

Then I remembered a wonderful handbag pattern that was somewhere in my big box of "patterns to make" (someday, sigh).  After a quick perusal of the box, and quite a few "ooohs" and "aaahs" as I came across forgotten patterns, I found what I was looking for.   An even quicker check through my stash and I had come up with sufficient fabric and batting to complete the project.  But, I was missing interfacing.  I hopped on Ebay and found a store that was offering a great price on the interfacing the pattern recommended (thank you, Shoreline Handwerks).  I was amazed at how quickly it arrived!

I intend to follow the pattern for MOST of the handbag.  However, there are several pieces of my old handbag that I would like to cannibalize and use on this new one.  While the silver and black handles should be an easy adjustment, the closure mechanism...not so much.  My current handbag is a bag by Miche.  Miche handbags are great in that the outside of the handbags are interchangeable...held in place by a VERY strong magnet system.  This strong magnet also holds the top of the bag completely closed so nothing falls out if my handbag tips over.  I'm HOPING (notice I said "hoping", LOL) I can cannibalize the magnets out of the worn out exterior of the bag and use them on my Miranda Day Bag.  Should be an interesting endeavor, if nothing else!

Over the weekend I plan to find a few minutes to begin the first steps of the pattern.  I'll keep you posted on how my "project" is progressing!



  1. Good luck! Nothing like a new bag. :-)

  2. Thanks you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! My first handbag!!

  3. What a lovely handbag pattern. Hope you share the finished project with us.

    God bless.

  4. Thanks, Jackie! I'll post it as soon as I can get some time to work on it, LOL.