Wednesday, August 12, 2015


"Back to School" time is arriving quickly here in the U.S.  If your "school year" is anything like mine was, you will be spending WAY more time in the car and on the "sidelines" than you did during the carefree summer months.  When my son was young I always had something with me to pass the time during music lessons, games that went into overtime and after school activities that always ran late! 

In case you are looking for a cute little carrier to hold your hand stitching, I'm temporarily reducing the price of my EPP/Sewing Kit Pattern on Craftsy.  I've dropped the price by $2 during this sale!  I remember the huge outlay of cash on school supplies every August and September.  Everyone's budget could use a break right about now!

Unfortunately, this sale is open ONLY TO THOSE WITHIN THE UNITED STATES due to shipping/tax laws. 

If you are interested, heck out my Craftsy link on the right sidebar.  Have a wonderful rest of the summer!

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