Friday, February 26, 2016


Moving and filling this single cabinet in my new sewing room may not seem like much progress over the past few weeks.  However, accomplishing anything at all while dealing with the myriad of "stuff" bombarding me has been a monumental task!  I'm stressed, frustrated, exhausted, angry, weepy and depressed.  In absolute wreck.  My home is my haven and my sewing room has always been the sanctuary within that haven.  But since January my home, my haven, my sanctuary and my day to day life have been pulled in so many directions!  Every inch of my home and my life is discombobulated!  I'm surrounded by chaos.  I'm stretched WAY too thin and I'm about to break. 

When J and a few helpers moved this cabinet into my sewing room I was anxious to begin making it, and the room, my own.  But, suddenly, I became overwhelmed.  Just the thought of making those tiny organizational  decisions brought me to tears.  In a moment I realized that it was long past time to take care of ME.

For Christmas my best friend had sent me a diffuser and essential oils to use with it.  I had never dabbled in any type of alternative therapy, but if it would help to alleviate my unbearable stress...I was willing to try!  Every morning for the past two weeks I have begun my day by turning on the diffuser, closing my eyes and breathing in the blend of oils to help ease my tension.  When I have finally felt calm, I've set myself a tiny goal...sorting through one handful of printed PDF patterns and filing them in labeled hanging folders, carrying 3 or 4 books down to my sewing room and placing them on the shelf, grabbing one or two notions out of the stacks of boxes and putting them away into drawers.  Tiny goals, easily attained and unlikely to cause any gnashing of teeth or whitening of knuckles.  Slowly, I have organized this tiny cabinet...and in doing so I have regained the smallest modicum of sanity within the craziness that is my life.  And I've learned.  Life is not meant to be ENDURED (as I have been doing since January), but ENJOYED.  We are not meant to rush through this life, but to LIVE it while taking time to smell the roses...and the oils. 


  1. You have had a very chaotic two months, little bites of the process and you will be finished your room in no time at all.

    Hope that your insurance is covering all the water damage.

    God bless.

  2. have been through so much lately both with your parents & your home. Please take care of yourself and take your vitamins. When times were bad at my house, I made a little card that says "Celebrate Small Victories". Stay strong!! Carrie W.

  3. I am glad to hear you are taking care of yourself. I know how hard that can be sometimes. It will all get organized. Little steps! I do love that cabinet!