Thursday, December 15, 2016


About 3 or 4 years ago my husband and I decided that it was time to begin downsizing within our home.  One of the first areas of purging included our Christmas decorations.  I have always been a BIG Christmas fanatic...but as we got older it became harder and harder for us to handle bringing the decorations up from the basement...and then taking them down again after January 1st.  So at our garage sale we sold almost ALL of our decorations and purchased a tiny tree.  It was plenty for the two of us.  

Then, about two years ago our dear son, J, decided to move back home.  Six months later he began dating a wonderful woman who just happened to have a small son.  The number of stockings on our mantle increased and our tiny "Charlie Brown" tree just wouldn't do!  

So, just before Christmas last year,  J went out and bought a big Christmas tree to once again grace our family room.  The three of them had a ball decorating the tree, and of course Grandma and Grandpa didn't think the tree was complete without a remote controlled train for the little engineer to play with!  Our home is starting to feel like the Christmas wonderland of J's childhood.  Starting, mind you.  We got rid of a LOT of Christmas decorations.

I had begun making mini quilts to decorate my foyer throughout the year.  I found that fabric decorations were fairly cheap to make...and unbelievably easy to store!

Now that we have more people going in and out of our home on a routine basis (G and K are here every weekend...and many of their friends pop in to visit while they are staying here) we needed someplace for everyone to drop their keys and other "stuff".  Just before Dear Hubby and I went on vacation last month I sent away for this cute little table for our VERY awkwardly designed foyer.  While in SC we purchased the two dishes shown above.  I was hoping that both would fit on the TOP of the table.  Unfortunately, it was even smaller than I remembered, LOL.  I put the rectangle tray we purchased as a souvenir of Charleston on top and moved the cute little turtle dish to the bottom.  G loves turtles and I knew seeing one in our foyer would make her smile.  

Today I decided that we REALLY need more Christmas in this house!  While Dear Hubby rested in bed (poor guy is sick), I pulled out the same fabrics that I had used in my mini Christmas quilt (photo for fabric reference, LOL).  And...

Voila!  We now have a cute little mini quilt on the table and a sleigh to coral all of the keys.  Looking at this photo, however, I need something red to spruce up the gold and white sleigh.  Hmmm...maybe a sprig of greenery on the front with a red bow.  Need to search through my sewing room for things I can use to make "a little something". 



  1. Cute!! Our tree shrunk this year as well. Mainly because Harvey can't see the TV from where he sits if we put the bottom third on.

    I didn't use as many decorations this year around the house or on the tree and really notice a difference.

    Love your little mini quilts.

    God bless.