Sunday, February 5, 2017


I am making progress on the baby gift for friends of ours.  The blocks are not in any particular order yet, just placed up on my board to make sure I had at least one block of each fabric pattern going vertically and one horizontally.  Oops, I guess that is placing them up there in "order"!  What I should have said is that the blocks are not arranged according to any design yet. 

Once I had "paired up" all of the pink and green blocks accordingly, I began making blocks with the remaining fabric "singles".  I have to tell you, I found it really hard to place those lone blocks up on the wall! Maybe my love for Hercule Poirot has left too much of an imprint on my psyche?  Or maybe I'm just a wee bit compulsive, ;o).  Which ever it is, in order for the quilt to reach the dimensions I want I will need to use up ALL of the charm squares in the pack...whether they have partners or not!  Deep breath...really deep breath!

After dinner I had planned to begin working with the the last group of charm squares, those having a white background.  Planned, mind you.  Unfortunately, that is not going to happen.  Sundown and horrible lighting in my sewing room have conspired to stop me in my tracks!  Sigh...I was really on a roll!  I guess I am going to have to move "lighting for my sewing room" higher on the ToDo list.  During the summer I was able to "manage" with the poor lighting, but the darkness of winter is impossible to overcome.

Oh well, I think I will join Dear Hubby in the family room while he watches the Super Bowl.  I'm not the least bit interested in this game so I will take one of my new Block magazines to read.  I used a Christmas gift card from Missouri Star Quilt Co. to purchase the 2015 and 2016 boxed sets.  Beautiful quilts, a cup of tea and a bit of relaxation sound good right about now!  Hope you are having a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!



  1. Perhaps use those "lone" blocks as part of the pattern of your quilt by making them the center piece, or perhaps as the corner blocks.

    God bless.