Thursday, December 21, 2017


I know it is close to Christmas, but at G's suggestion I sat in front of my sewing machine today.  I had intended to make several of these for family members, but time just got away from me...and the bug that has been making its way through my family finally cornered me!  I feel yucky!  G and I thought that maybe doing some sewing would take my mind off of how bad I feel.  It did, lol, until I realized that I had misread the instructions!  Ack, I do feel a bit loopy from the medication.  I made extra sure I was using good sewing safety since I'm out of it slightly, but I should have used extra READING safety, too!  Oh well, I finished it up anyway and used a bit of Liquid Stitch where things were not secured properly.  I haven't decided if I will give it to my aunt to try for a while, with a promise of a new (properly sewn) one after the holidays and this bug are over, or keep it to try in our house.  I may give it to her anyway.

I will admit that G's suggestion of sitting down to sew was a good one, however I think I will wait until my head is firmly attached to my body, LOL



  1. I made a set of 8 of these for our oldest son for one of his gifts. I have the material at the ready to make some for us. Perhaps after I get all the other projects completed.

    The fabrics you chose are beautifully matched.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks, Jackie! I actually did start a second one. I THINK I did everything correctly (Mucinex was making me a bit off) and will continue sewing it, hopefully, later today!