Monday, May 7, 2018

The Pall Has Lifted and Denim To The Rescue...

This past year has been hard for me.  Really, REALLY hard!  After losing my precious Mom almost thirteen months ago I had basically stopped "living".  Oh, I was going through the motions and doing what I had to do to continue to be there and support my family...but I was just "existing" not LIVING.  For some reason, a few weeks ago all of that changed.  Was it the change in the weather?  The one year anniversary of her death?  A gentle nudge from my family?  I don't honestly know.  Whatever the reason, I feel like a pall has lifted and there is so much living I want to do!

First off...I want to get back to my creating!  I moved my big vacation sewing kit to the floor next to "my spot" on our new furniture and my small travel sewing kit (pictured above) closer to the front door.  I've been taking this kit with me whenever an errand entails "sitting time" and have been producing a few hexies here and there.  At night while watching tv I've been adding the white row to the first hexie diamond.  It feels good!

And speaking of our new furniture, these old pillows just don't match!!!!!  I considered throwing them out or trying to sell them, but then I would have to spend money to replace them.  Nope, not going to happen!  I could try to cut off the tapestry, but I am pretty sure that there is no "form" underneath and all of the fill would come pouring out.  Scratch another idea.  I could make a pretty pillow cover to match the new furniture, but a pillow with colors as rich as these would definitely need more than the usual 100% quilting cotton to cover up the design.  Hmmmm. 

What else do I have lots and lots of???  Denim!  It will cover the colors completely and will wear like iron (a necessity in a house where pillows are butt cushions, head cushions, tablet/computer supports, fort walls and the random projectile launched at a family member in a pop up pillow war!) Yes, we have FUN at our house! 

A little bit of slicing and dicing and the center rows of all four pillow covers are taking shape.  Sorry, you can only see two here, LOL. 

I will continue alternating colors to form a courthouse steps block.  I plan to add batting and quilt the front before fashioning an envelope back.  Lots more to do, but I am excited to be making something new for our new furniture...and doing it at NO COST is the icing on the cake!  More to come...



  1. I am so glad to see you back! Losing a parent is very hard. I totallly understand...

    1. Thanks, Amy! I am really glad to be back to ME again!

  2. I am so glad to read that you are feeling more like yourself. Welcome back to creating.

    God bless.

    1. It is amazing to me how the thing that eases my stress was the one thing I couldn't do! I am SO happy to be back to creating and feeling like ME!