Friday, September 7, 2012


Okay, today is September 7th...which means I have less than four months to plan for, save for,  purchase, or make Christmas gifts this year!   Eeeeekkkk!!!!  WAY less time than I would like to have.  I am seriously unprepared for this holiday season.  But, as I am still learning to pace myself and my life, I guess I will have to "make do".  In fact, the "making" part of "make do" is what I hope to accomplish in the next 3+ months. 

In my family we have all reached an age and wisdom where we really have everything we need or can justify wanting.  When something breaks or wears out throughout the year we find a way to fill that need at the time, because it is, well, a need...and we can't wait until a future holiday to receive it as a gift.  Now that we are in our twenties, fifties, seventies and eighties...short of the extravagant "dream" purchases that we still talk about at every multimillion lottery drawing, there is very little within a reasonable budget that we want.

So, I have begun to think about gifts I can make for my loved ones that will show a level of thought and caring that comes close to matching the love and gratitude I feel for the most important people in my world.

This summer my dear aunt mentioned in passing that the small cosmetic pouch I had previously made for her wasn't big enough to take on vacation with her.    I am hoping this tapestry toiletry bag and matching zippered pouch will hold all of her beauty supplies.  It was my first attempt at sewing a boxy type bag and I am happy with the results!

My dear mom has been complaining about how quickly the washcloths she uses to wash her face are wearing out.  I have taught myself to knit and have completed 2 washcloths so far.  I want to do one more for my mom, a stripe of the white and beige colors.  If she likes them I will make more for her as I can throughout the year.  I am still deciding if I want to knit up a few to give to my aunt also.  I guess it all depends on how much knitting my body will allow me to complete between now and December 25th, lol.

My mom likes to drink iced tea with her meals as opposed to tons of diet soda.  She likes her iced tea (and hot tea, too, come to think of it)...sweet, SWEET, SWEET.  Ick!  Through trial and error she has found a combination of Sweet'N Low and Equal that satisfies her sweet teeth (yes, TEETH - too much for one tooth!).  Unfortunately a lot of restaurants carry only one type of sweetener.  Soooo....I made my mom a sweetener wallet to carry in her purse so she always has her drinks just the way she likes them. 

My daddy dear has had some health issues recently and "the man who is never cold" now finds himself chilly when sitting still watching TV.   I have just started working on a masculine looking quilt in Wool & Needle Flannels by Primitive Gatherings for Moda and a poly faux suede to match his recliner.  This is going to be the biggest challenge for Christmas this year!  Quilts take a LONG TIME to complete and given my limited endurance for doing any one thing for more than a few minutes, I really worry I won't be able to get it finished in time.  If not, I guess I will be wrapping up the pieces along with an IOU for delivery some time in 2013!  I am using 5" charms to make half square triangles.  Today I managed to sew 8 half square triangles using (4) 5"charms and (4) 5" pieces of faux suede.  Eight machine sewn seams...40" total in one whole day.  Gosh, I'm SLOW!

Here is the list as it stands today (and I have been working on this for MONTHS!):
  • Toiletry bag and zippered pouch for Aunt
  • Sweetener Wallet for Mom
  • 3 Washcloths for Mom (2 done)
  • 3 Washcloths for Aunt 
  • Quilt for Dad (1/10000th done, lol)
  • Embroidered scarf for Mom 
  • Knitted scarf for Aunt
  • Dear Hubby...He will be easy this year as he wants his car detailed, but I am thinking of also  embroidering something patriotic onto one of his golf shirts.  He is a PROUD American!
  • Dear Son...NO CLUE!
  • Dear Son's Girlfriend...NO CLUE!
  • Best Friend...NO CLUE!
  • Best Friend Birthday (right near Christmas)...NO CLUE!
So...Where do you stand on your Holiday Happenings???


  1. Lin,

    The sweetener wallet, the zippered pouches, and face cloths look marvelous! I wish you luck with your quilt for your Dad, if I was closer I'd help you with it.

    =) Gayle

    1. Gayle -
      I really need to get working quickly on dad's quilt! He has been sleeping on the recliner lately due to coughing issues and the wool afghan my mom gave him to keep him warm made him cough worse! So I lent them the quilt I made for my family room. Little do they know there is a quilt in the process for THEIR family room, lol.

  2. Lovely gifts you've made! Not sure how you sew your half square triangle blocks but Missouri Quilt Co has an easy method to do it and they use 5" charm squares too. Makes dealing with the diagonals easier. I have great plans but I need to put them into actions.

  3. Thank you for the suggestion on the HST method. I am heading over to MQC now to look it up. I managed to finish all of the squares for my dad's quilt already (and my points are not perfect, lol) but hopefully this method will help me next time!