Friday, September 7, 2012


Welcome to UggaBear Cottage!  As you can see in my "About Me" section, I am an early retiree, forced to stop working due to multiple health issues and slowly learning to fill my days with the important things in life, including my family, home, friends, and hobbies...all within the restrictions placed on me by my body and my much lighter pocketbook!  Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination!  However, over the past 10 months I have discovered that life is only as good as you choose to make it.  I may not be able to control my physical issues, but I can certainly choose my reaction to them.  I may not have the income I once did, but I can find thrifty and creative solutions to meet our wants and needs.  I may not have the ability to do all of the things I want on a daily basis, but the really important things seem to work themselves out in the end...and taking time to smell the roses is a pleasure too many of us have long since abandoned.  

So, feel free to hop on board as I chronicle my days...the ups, the downs and the sometimes hellacious curves in this fabulous journey called life!

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