Monday, November 5, 2012


I woke up at 5:00 this morning feeling...GOOD!  Considering how rotten I had felt yesterday, how good I was feeling today was a complete and total shock!  I have learned over the past year that when I have a GOOD day I need to grab it with BOTH hands and make the most I can of the infrequent occurrence.  So, after a quick shower and breakfast, I immediately dug into my massive ToDo list.

One of my goals for the next few months is to re-evaluate our monthly expenses and research cheaper alternatives.  I made a phone call this morning to an alternate electric supplier in our area and discovered that switching suppliers would save us around $25 a month, or more.  Within a half hour I had switched suppliers and locked in the reduced rate for one year.  I am looking forward to a little bit more money in our pockets starting in December!

Yesterday I found a copy of a vision claim in my "Pending" file.  There was no notation of payment received anywhere on the xeroxed claim, nor any type of Explanation of Benefits attached.  While I do forget more these days, it is usually only short term memory and I found it hard to believe I had failed to follow through with correspondence, had I received any from the company.  This morning I made a quick phone call regarding the claim and verified that it had NOT been processed, and they have NO idea how it fell through the cracks.  I don't really care as long as it was THEIR cracks it fell through and not mine, lol.  A check for $100 should be arriving at the house within the next four to six weeks.

On Wednesday we are scheduled to have our roof damage from Hurricane Sandy repaired.  However, current long range forcasts call for rain that afternoon.  I phoned the contractor and questioned how and when I would be notified if the appointment needed to be cancelled.  The wonderful woman I spoke with suggested that she pencil me in for an appointment on Friday just in case the weathermen are correct and Wednesday is a wash-out.  That way I can get on the books before all of the other customers call her on Wednesday to reschedule.  Works for me!  Hopefully we can get the repairs done before we have any additional damage due to a leak through the missing shingles.

Dear hubby and I need to have some routine blood work drawn in January.  We have all of our labs drawn at an independent laboratory facility.  We have discovered (the HARD way) that we can wait up to two hours when arriving as a walk-in at the facility upon opening.  EVERYONE wants to have their fasting blood work drawn as early as possible.  So, today I scheduled appointments for us at 7:00 and 7:15 AM.  We should be eating breakfast and sipping hot coffee by 7:45!  While making an appointment won't save us any money, it will save us time...and some days that is even more precious than money! 

A year and a half ago we had our air conditioner and heater replaced.  As part of our contract with the company who installed the units, we have a free yearly check up and maintenance of the equipment at the beginning of each season.  I usually wait for the HVAC company to call me to schedule, but since today was my day to focus on organizing our lives and saving us money, I decided to call now to set up the appointment.  Our heater will be serviced the first week of December...thus I know it will be running at peak efficiency when our weather starts to get REALLY cold!

Today I had one of my prescriptions transferred to a different pharmacy.  While it won't save me any money on this particular prescription, as my son works in the store he will be able to pick up my refills as needed and save the gas I would have wasted driving to pick up the prescription.   In addition, once another one of my prescriptions has run out I will be able to get that medication transferred over and filled at no is one of a group of maintenance medications that the pharmacy offers FREE to its customers.   Like I said, I am reigning in every penny, nickle and dime that I can...while simultaneously seeking any and all freebies I have coming my way.

I am once again focusing my attention on "freebies" and "trickle income streams".  To that end I visited several sites today that offer free samples upon request; and also did several online surveys to earn points...which can then be redeemed for gift cards.  When I opened my mailbox today I  was happy to find a freebie four pack of Green Mountain K-cups.  Since I drink one cup of coffee per day in my Keurig, these freebies will cover half a week's morning beverage at no cost to me. 

I keep all of my coupons for freebies in a separate zippered pouch in my purse.

I go through it every couple of days and make notations on my calendar of when my free item is expiring.  Then when I plan my necessary errands, I add stops to redeem as many of these coupons as possible.  My goal is to only leave the house one day a week, as saving gas is a high priority these days and less wear and tear on the car is always a good thing!  Beginning today, Dunkin Donuts is offering free medium iced coffees and iced teas with a special card.

Since I had to drop off a form at my doctor's office, I planned a stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home.  I also had a coupon for a bag of Lindt truffles, which were on sale at Rite Aid and would be FREE with the coupon.  I plan to add the candies to a relative's Christmas gift as they are her favorite candy!

My next stop was at the beer distributor's to cash in the lottery tickets I received on my birthday.  In my family we have stopped giving greeting cards, but rather put lottery tickets into an envelope instead.  We are spending just as much, but at least giving the recipient a chance to win something!  I cashed in my tickets for $8; which I immediately placed into my savings envelope!

So, all in all, today has been a wonderfully productive day.  I did have one bit of a "step back" when a Christmas gift I was working on was ruined beyond repair and had to be thrown away.  Fortunately I had gotten the base item that I was embroidering with my machine for a really, REALLY reduced I am not out too much money.  Coincidentally, yesterday I found another gift for the same person...something they had mentioned wanting, and that I had just about ruled out EVER being able to find...and was able to purchase it with a $10 OFF coupon at Kohl's!  While I am disappointed that my project didn't work as planned, I am thankful that my learning curve didn't cost me too dearly!

And now, some 14 hours after getting up, I am beginning to feel really sore and fatigued.  Time to snuggle down under my warm electric blanket, still smiling over the amount of progress I was able to make with just ONE feel-good day!  Just think how much I could accomplish if my health would cooperate!  Oh well, maybe someday....