Friday, May 24, 2013


It's that time again!  Time for a FRUGAL FRIDAY Linky Party!

Legal Gavel And Law Book Stock Photo
Now that my disability hearing is over, my focus can once again return to living a frugal, sustainable, low "carbon footprint" life.  That darn hearing was so much work for me AND my lawyer!  But at this point I've done all I can to substantiate my inability to work and have sought more medical care than the average person would in an attempt to alleviate some of my disabling symptoms.   There is really nothing else left to do...not for me, my lawyer or my many physicians.  The reality is that this is the hand I have been dealt and all I can do is adjust my daily life accordingly to accomplish as much as possible within the confines of my physical condition.  Time to focus on what I CAN do instead of what I can no longer do!

Living a frugal, sustainable life is not something that can be mastered overnight.  You can't flip a switch and suddenly become the queen of frugality.  The transition works best when you incorporate one frugal activity at a time, weaving it into your daily routine over and over until it becomes "automatic", thus freeing your mind to work on the next step on your frugal journey. 

I have been "frugaling" for many years now...and have only attempted a mere fraction of possible frugal activities.  It is a never ending process that changes almost daily based on your time, talents, physical abilities, stage in life and money constraints.  No matter where you stand, there is ALWAYS something you can do to tread more lightly upon this earth. 

Following is a short list of the "frugal activities" I have pursued this week...


*I have been taking a quick shower and judiciously using toiletries. I am still washing with FREE body wash/shower gel.

*I have washed my hair only when necessary, saving on water and the natural gas to heat that water.  I am still using FREE shampoo.

*I have worn slippers or crocs in an attempt to extend the life of my "good" shoes.  I am just SO hard on shoes...although I have no idea why!

*I have washed our laundry in cold water with 1/2 the usual amount of laundry detergent.  

*I cashed in the coins in my "personal spending" piggy bank.  Of the $120 cash, I spent $50 on material for sewing/quilting and chose to put the rest of the money toward overpaying a bill.  This week I have put $2.00 in quarters into my "piggy bank" to begin re-funding my personal spending money. 

*I have unplugged my phone when it beeps to notify me that it is fully charged.

*I have been using hand made handkerchiefs instead of boxed tissues.


*I have purchased the above set of "As Seen On TV" coffee filters for my Keurig.  I was skeptical at first as they don't feel very sturdy, but they work WONDERFULLY (better than the Keurig brand filter) and are allowing me to take advantage of any deals I find on regular ground coffee.  In fact, I have four packages of FREE ground coffee in my cabinet that I can now use!  Making coffee in the Keurig without using prepackaged K-cups will save me a TON of money.

 *I sent away for several freebies and this week have received a free trash bag, a coupon for a free International Delight coffee creamer, and a free soft sided rolling cooler.  I really need to increase the number of freebies I send for on a weekly basis as only a small portion of what I send for is actually received! 

*I scored a "home run" (4 or more benefits) with the purchase of a new all-in-one printer.  The printer I liked (regularly $199.99) was on sale for $149.99 (first benefit).  I placed the order at Office Depot through my MyPoints account and earned 1000 MyPoints points (second benefit).  I am a member of Office Depot's reward program so I received "reward points" for the purchase (third benefit),  Because I spent over $100 at Office Depot I received a free rolling soft sided cooler (fourth benefit).  My previous quarter's purchases at Office Depot gave me a reward cash value of $45.51 which I applied toward the printer (fifth benefit).  Because the printer was over $50 I received free delivery directly to my home (sixth benefit).   I find Office Depot and Kohls to be the best stores with regard to stacking benefits! 

*I purchased over $200 worth of quilting books on sale at JoAnn's for less than $30.00!

*I am crocheting a blanket for the guest room.  I finished 4 rows this week.  Since I sleep in the guest room for 5 out of 7 days per week (so I don't keep Dear Hubby awake all night) I know I am going to need it for warmth this winter. 


  1. Good going. One of these days I am going to make a list of what I have been doing and what I could still do to live a frugal, low carbon footprint life.

    God bless.

    1. I have been starting a list simply because until something becomes "second nature" i tend to forget to do things that really do add up!