Tuesday, May 28, 2013


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Good morning!  I hope your Memorial Day weekend was wonderful.  Mine was "different", lol.  I did not accomplish even one thing that I had hoped to accomplish...but instead accomplished a few things that really needed attention.

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I have been horribly fatigued and sedated recently thanks to an increase in my medications, and have not had the energy to do any sewing.

My Dear Aunt's potholders have been sitting on my craft table for almost a week now, I think, (I've spent a lot of time napping and have lost track of days!) and I have not even finished the basic "piecing" for the front.  So simple, yet so out of reach right now.

Over the long weekend, however, I did accomplish some very "necessary" things around here.  Yesterday I decided to tackle our "stationery drawer" in the kitchen.  Since I couldn't stand too long I pushed a kitchen chair over in front of the drawer.  It is located near the phone and holds the usual things...pens, pencils, paper, clips, binder clips, rubber bands, phone book, scissors, tape and take out menus.  I can honestly say it was barely shutting there was so much junk just "shoved" inside.  SHAME ON ME!

So I began pulling out one item at a time and either setting it on the kitchen table to keep or tossing it immediately into the trash can next to me.  When I was all done emptying the drawer I tested all of the pens and threw out TONS of old ones with dried up ink.  Where in the world did they all come from???  I really think they multiply in the darkness of the drawer!  Unfortunately I forgot to take photos before the revision.  Let's just say the drawer was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! I found things in there dating back to 2009!!!

After I had purged through and drastically reduced the "junk" I then used some disposable containers from take out Chinese food and separated the drawer into sections.  Now everything has a place and the drawer is NEAT!  Not much to accomplish for the average person, but I was thrilled with getting it done...even though it took an entire day in 5 minute chunks of time!

On Saturday I had employed the same tactics and cleaned out the bottom of my vanity.  I eased myself down onto the floor and pulled everything out, one piece at a time.  The things to be kept went on top of the vanity and the things to be trashed were immediately tossed into the can.  After much maneuvering and grunting I pulled myself up and laid down to rest for a while.  Over the course of the day I put everything "good" back into the vanity...one piece at a time, lol.

On Sunday I tackled Dear Hubby's side of the vanity, which was really easy as there is practically nothing in there!.  I took out the two Sterlite 3 drawer units that we had stopped using years ago and put them in my craft room closet instead.  Once again I forgot the "before" pictures, but would have probably been too embarrassed to post them anyway!   These are things that should have been cleaned out long before now, I just have been in too much pain to tackle the job.  It took a full day broken into 5 minute intervals to clean out each side, but at least it is done!

Yesterday J and his Dear Girlfriend K came over so K could cut my hair and J could set me up on a different computer and hook up my new printer.  My printer died last week and the MacBook computer I have been using is dying a slow and painful death.  It was purchased for J back in 2006 and he handed it off to me when he upgraded.  Unfortunately last week I received a message that Firefox could no longer support its operating system.  That was the final straw.  Time to set me up on something a bit newer!

So J set me up on one of his other old computers (an Imac I think it is called).  It is newer and has a newer operating system.  He also set up the new printer I bought.  I love them both.  Unfortunately, after he left last night I discovered a LOT of stuff that didn't transfer over, so I will begin recreating bookmarks and copying things to a travel drive and then pasting on the new computer.  Oh, and please ignore the paper monster on the desk in front of the computer.  I have a LOT of papers to get through this week! 

Geez, I almost forgot!  On Friday Dear Hubby took me to my favorite thrift store and I came home with a pretty little tin container to hold my scratch pads and six more skeins of yarn to use on my guest room blanket (which is going to take FOR-EV-ER at the rate I am going!!!!!). 

So my long weekend was a good one.  I spent a LOT of time resting, but did manage to accomplish a few necessary things around the house.   Hopefully this week will be a continuation of progress toward our 2013 goals of purging through and organizing the entire house. 

Off to chomp on the next bite of my elephant....after a bit of rest, that is!!!!! 


  1. Good for you to know your limits and not push yourself past them! Getting things accomplished a bit at a time is the best way to go.

    1. Oh, Patty, this has been a long while coming! After years of being a go, go, GO person I was finding it VERY frustrating that I could no longer knock out the work of two full time people in half a day's effort! I was getting myself more and more frustrated until I realized that there really is NO DEADLINE anymore! I am retired and my time is my own. It definitely is time for me to stop and smell the roses. What isn't finished today will still be there tomorrow, and trying to stay as comfortable as possible is more important than everything all being done at the same time. So my entire house isn't clean or straightened at one time...but I can point proudly to one drawer that looks just MAAAAHHvelous and I'm not moaning in pain all night long. From an emotional standpoint I am at peace and so much happier now.

      I haven't been around much to hear about your surgery, but I hope any lingering pain is only temporary. Take care!

  2. Those potholders are going to be so cute once you get them done. Do just a bit at a time and before you know it you will be moving on to a new project.

    You did a great job of the decluttering and making everything tidy.

    God bless.

    1. Jackie -

      I finished them off today. I have them posted in My Handmade Things on my Pinterest page. I will try to get them on here in a day or two. I feel so FREE since we are decluttering. Makes me want to throw out more.

  3. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

    Yes, that is an iMac. I have one, too and I love it! I love all things Apple. =)

    1. Thanks, Amy.

      So far I absolutely ADORE the computer. Some things didn't transfer over but I am re-entering what I want a little bit at a time. Gives me a chance to purge through that clutter also!