Thursday, October 3, 2013


Today is a "catch-up" day at the cottage!  I woke up at 7:40 this morning with "air in my stomach", a side effect of my CPAP that is happening WAY too frequently anymore!  A quick drink of water and the air escaped with every swallow (sounds like air leaking from a balloon, lol).  By the time I felt "better" I was too awake to go back to sleep...despite being exhausted, lol.  So I began to do some much needed work around this house!

First, I opened up a package of ink that I had ordered and had delivered from Office Depot.  My husband's ink, and 3 of my 4 inks were fine.  My blue ink, well....not so fine.  I made a quick phone call to Office Depot.  They will send a driver out tomorrow between 8:30 and 5:30 to drop off the new ink and pick up the smushed ink.  Which means I now I have to plan on spending the entire day in the house tomorrow.  Guess I will be running my one errand today, lol.  

Then I went to vacuum the yellow room that was just painted a few weeks ago.  Upon closing the door completely I found a big drip of white paint on the yellow wall! did I (and the painter) miss it?  He had asked me to check over the room before he left and I guess I forgot to close the door and look behind it.  Now I am going to have to try sanding that drip and touching up the yellow paint.  It would have been SO much easier had I noticed it when he still had the wet roller in his hand!  Better yet, if HE had noticed!  Oh well, I can't complain (too much), they did an overall really great job and the cutting in he did around my existing border is wonderful.  So I'm STILL a very happy camper!

The only other progress made in this room has been in the installation of a ceiling fan and placement of the empty desk.  I need Dear Hubby's help to hang the curtains and he was in a lot of pain this past weekend and couldn't do too much.  Dear Hubby bought me a new desk chair to use in my new quilting room.  It is still in the the it was too heavy to carry upstairs.  I will ask J to assemble it the next time he comes over. 

Project Table with Bookcase

Yesterday Dear Hubby found a nice looking craft table in the Improvements catalog.  He would like to go with this table instead of the Ikea Expedit cabinets since this comes with a tabletop included and the Expedits would require adding a top of some type (which may not be the exact same size).  However, the reviews from owners were about 50/50.  We KNOW we have always been happy with Ikea furniture.  What to do, what to do....?

This morning I added a few more backings to my mom's quilt.  The last two beige blocks are cut, I just have to center and pin the dresdens, but my body is beginning to complain...time to stop.  

 Over the weekend, with Dear Hubby's help, I was able to hang the new shower curtain.  I LOVE this shower curtain and plan to buy another one in order to make curtains for the bathroom window.  I don't think using other materials (my original plan) will look as nice!

Dear Hubby also helped me hang this white wall cabinet.  When J was small it was used to house all of his asthma medication...keeping it all in one place where we could grab it in an emergency.  As he got older he always knew exactly where his meds were when he needed to restock the puffer he kept in his pocket at school.   It is pretty much empty now, other than his extra peak flow meters and a thermometer, and that is good!  The less medication in there, the better!  I just remembered when I saw the photo...I need to go out and buy a set of new black towels to hang on the bar for when we have guests.

At the end of last week and over the weekend I was able to put some of the linen closet supplies back in place.  The three rolling carts have been a WONDERFUL way of keeping organized.  Each drawer is labeled with the category of its contents.  Even guests can find what they need easily!  The two 3-drawer containers hold sample sized toiletries that we use for travel.  I still have to fold all of our linens to fit them back on the top shelf.  It is tough only having one linen closet in the guest bathroom and none in the master bath!  But when J moved out I gave him a supply of towels and bed linens so there should be a lot less to stuff in there!

Several years ago, Dear Hubby came home from a business meeting with the above case.  When I opened it up I found a travel first aid kit!  I was thrilled to have such a compact emergency supply and it lived in the glove box of my car for quite a while.   Over time the supplies were used up and I was left with this sturdy, zip closed pouch.  What to use it for?

Well, I finally decided that it would be PERFECT as a travel EPP (English Paper Piecing) case.  I have filled it with everything I need to do a bit of stitching (including Band-Aids, lol) while killing time as a passenger in the car.  I'm envisioning our trip to South Carolina coming up soon!  If my tremor will cooperate I can see myself getting quite a few hexies done on the trip there and back.  I am just waiting for a package of pre-cut plastic hexies that I ordered last week to add to the kit before I stuff it into the car door pocket. 

Right now I am hurting from vacuuming and bending over to work on the it is rest time!  I'm still sipping my wonderful steaming mug of coffee and hoping my muscles will loosen up.  I need to take my shower shortly and then head out to the store to pick up my free prescription.  I know I have mentioned it before, but in case you missed it....ShopRite offers several types of diabetes medications free of charge.  No insurance information or payment of any type is necessary.  It is such a blessing for someone like me who takes so many medications, at least there is one I don't have to pay for! 

Off to the shower!!!!


  1. I made myself a massive craft table from some bookshelves and a chunk of thick plywood. I had the hardware store cut it to size & deliver it because we've only got a small car. My husband then painted it with some regular matt trim paint. We call it gloss here, whether it's glossy or not! It worked out a whole lot cheaper and we could build it to whatever size we wanted. We wanted it slightly bigger so bolted two bookcases together in the corner, then set the two lots of 2 bookcases a little way apart so there's a gap between them, the plywood is on the top.
    My husband did say he'd screw it on from underneath, but we never got round to it, and that was months ago!!

    1. Thank you for the info. Sounds like you have a wonderful work space!

  2. My son is a big fan of Ikea, too. I've never had any of their stuff, so I have no opinion, but the picture *looks* like a good idea. I like Samantha's comment, too. It sounds somewhat like what my DH would have done! Looks like your room is going to be great! At least the drip is behind the door. =)

    1. My wonderful folks came over today and hung the curtains and the mirror in the yellow room. Dh suggested I order the one from improvements and if it is not nice then go with ikea. Ideas furniture is so easy to build...holes line up, etc. hope this one is just as easy, lol.