Sunday, June 22, 2014



I'm still on increased steroids because of my pain flair while on vacation and "feeling good" has spurred a LOT of activity around this house! 

Dear Hubby and I have begun "purging" in earnest and yesterday resulted in three full 33 gallon bags...two with clothing for Purple Heart and one filled with trash, lol.  I need to start another trash bag as I'm continuing the purge today!

I have found two old blazers in my closet that no longer fit and are not in decent enough condition to give to Purple Heart.  I will salvage the buttons and toss the remainder!


We have also started a "garage sale" pile in the corner of our dining room.  I am planning to have all of our purging done by the end of August so that we can have a September garage sale.   As we gather more items I will clean them up, price them and pack them into the boxes you see for storage until Fall.  Oops...just spotted my chip n dip in that picture.  Wrong pile....WRONG PILE! 


I filled up the recycling bin in my sewing room, also.  I had several boxes of "stuff" that had arrived lately and had yet to be opened.

The first thing I opened was my next supply of supplements prescribed by my neurologist.  Five bottles, cost of $58.67 which is not covered by insurance.  I have enough Coenzyme Q10 to last for 30 days and enough L-Carnitine to last for 60 days.  This is turning into quite an expense!  But, I will do whatever it takes to feel better.

One of the other boxes that I unpacked was a wonderful Daily Deal from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It was a notions trio including a  measuring tape on a lanyard (downstairs in my EPP kit and I'm too lazy to walk the stairs to take a picture, lol), a cute little pair of scissors (same place, same laziness, lol) and this wonderful sewing kit. 

I have been looking for an "emergency" sewing kit for quite some time...but most of what I have found has been "cheap" and not likely to stand up past one errant button!  This kit from Missouri Star Quilt Company is REALLY nice!  

The container is a bit larger and deeper than an Altoids box, but it has a bit of everything you could need for a sewing emergency (except I don't recall seeing shirt buttons...I will add them). 

For our Anniversary/Father's Day my Dear Hubby and I bought each other two new pieces of luggage.  Our old luggage is about 25 years old and really wearing out...badly.   

We used one of the new pieces on our weekend away and it was wonderful.  However, the resort where we stayed did NOT have an elevator and poor Hubby had to carry the large suitcase up the stairs!  He can barely WALK up the stairs let alone drag a heavy suitcase.  Because of this we have decided to get a second smaller piece.  It would be easier for him to carry two smaller, lighter suitcases up the stairs in several trips.  The next time I make a reservation I will remember to ask about elevators!  It never dawned on me that a resort would NOT have one!  We will also buy a matching carry-on for when he flies for business.  We will need to make a trip back up to the Lancaster County or Berks County outlets to get them at a good price.  The sewing kit will be stored inside the smaller piece of luggage, which also happens to be the piece Dear Hubby will use on business trips. 

I have been busting my buns trying to finish the laundry this morning.  J and K will be coming over today to help us with some things around the house.  He will be bringing laundry with him to do at our house.  The laundry room in their complex is only opened limited hours (closes at 9 PM...ridiculous!) and one set of appliances has to suffice for 12 households!  Needless to say, finding an open wash/dryer while they are actually HOME is near impossible.  So, we have a deal.  If he comes over to help us with things that Dear Hubby and I physically can't do, he can use our water, detergent and appliances.  More than fair in my book, lol. 

Later today, my folks and aunt will come over and we all will celebrate Father's Day and our Anniversary (both of which occurred while we were away).  Since all of us (with the exception of my mom and dad) are trying to watch our weight, I am only having a small ice cream cake.  We don't need cake AND ice cream!  I am so proud of J & K.  They have been visiting the gym faithfully and are really showing the results! 

Well, I'm off to deconstruct my blazers for trashing and fold the next load of laundry.  Have a GREAT day everyone!


  1. I hope you start feeling better soon and continue to use your supplements, the grey fabric blazer looks like it could be really nice to use for pincushions.

    1. Thanks, Mara. I'm trying to be "realistic" in my purging. My FIRST instinct is to try to save and repurpose everything. But then I am just moving the stuff within the confines of my house and not out the front door...which is where it needs to go, lol. I considered making a few pillows with the blazer, but we already have a matched set of 4 in the family room (and four identical ones in storage for when the first set wears out), a pillow I made in the family room and 3 pillows I made on the futon in my Expanded Sewing Room. I don't really need any more pillows. I did keep a Christmas tablecloth that I had originally planned to get rid of. I can easily make table toppers and napkins for my kitchen and as gifts. I can also use the pretty fabric to make wine bottle covers for Christmas gifts. I did, however, save all of the buttons, lol. They are easier to store and I can see lots of future uses for them.

  2. Sounds like you have been very busy. I should do some sorting too. I have so much stuff I don't need and never use.

    1. Dear Hubby's fall two and a half years ago has really brought "reality" crashing in on us. Even when I couldn't do things around here, he still could. Until the fall, that is. Now neither one of us is capable of much. The thought of sorting through this house five or ten years from now, when we are that much older and maybe even less capable, has spurred us to start now. I am still finding it a bit difficult to be as brutal as I really should be, but I find myself planning a "step" process. I will toss what I don't even have to think about the first time through the house. Each subsequent purge should whittle away more and more. Less "stuff" means less upkeep and more personal time!

  3. Glad you are feeling a tad better. Don't overwork.

    God bless.

    1. I am pretty beat right now. Everyone left around 8:00 or so. I didn't even clean up the kitchen...the dishes can wait until tomorrow, lol.

  4. So happy to see you are back. Looks like that spot in MD is just beautiful.
    Take Care
    Red Robin

    1. Thanks, RR. Dear Hubby and I had a lovely time...we just wish we had felt better to be able to do more, lol.