Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Have you guys heard of Spoonflower?  It is an online design company.  You can submit your own personal designs/photos/drawings and have them printed on fabric (multiple kinds), wallpaper, decals and wrapping paper!

It has probably been a year or more now since I submitted a couple of designs.  Just on a lark, nothing I had intended to purchase yards and yards of at that time.  And so my account, and my designs, have sat all this time.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email offering me a sample of their new "faux suede" material.  I could pick any design I wanted (mine or others) to have printed in the faux suede.  After a bit of trouble finding my password (told you it's been a while, lol) I ordered a piece of my "Heat Wave" design.  And then I promptly forgot all about it until my sample arrived a few days ago.

This FABRIC is gorgeous.  I love the feel of the faux suede.  I wasn't too happy with my "design" in person...it wasn't "quirky" enough, lol.  But the fabric?  Oh My.   I LOVE IT !  I keep running the fabric over my cheek.  It is just so SMOOTH, and somehow...comforting.  Maybe it is taking me back to the days of soft flannel receiving blankets when J was a baby, but this fabric could become permanently attached to my face if I don't control myself, lol. 

So last night when I couldn't sleep I signed onto my Spoonflower account and changed up the design a bit.  Definitely more "quirky".  Wanna peek?


I think I am going to order myself another "swatch" of the new design in faux suede.  I could use a new pouch for storing sewing notions and I think the two 8 x 8 swatches should be enough fabric for the outside.  Although a faux suede eye cover for keeping out the light when my migraines are bad would sure be nice.  Decisions.  Decisions. 

Oh, this is FUN!  I only wish I was better at using computer technology to get the ideas floating in my head onto the Spoonflower website.  Maybe some day!


  1. Very cool fabric design, good job.

    1. Thank you, Mara. It was so much fun! I've ordered a swatch of the new design in faux suede. Now my only decision is pouch or eye covers, lol.

  2. Love the new version of your design , Lin, it looks like a kind of basketweave pattern.

    So glad you are up and about again. Your holiday looked lovely.


    1. Rinty,
      I am SO HAPPY to hear from you! Please drop me a line when you get a chance! I want to hear about everything!

      Thanks! I am really loving it too! I had a credit on my account so I ordered a swatch in the faux suede. I can't wait to sew with it!

      Our holiday was lovely. Just what we needed.

  3. I love Spoonflower. I'll have to give this product a try sometime!

    1. I love the faux suede. I will let you know how it is to sew with!