Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Gift From The Past Means Even More Now...

Last week my son, his girlfriend, and her little boy came over to help us around the house.  His girlfriend is a loving, considerate, sweetheart of a young woman.  She called me out to the car and, after reaching into a bag on the floor, handed me this adorable clock!  As she explained, this gift was a LONG time coming!  You see, my son and this young woman had dated for quite a while 5 years ago and apparently she had bought this for me way back then...only to have their relationship end before she could give it to me.  Life took them in different directions 5 years ago, but it has brought them back together again...this time with an adorable little boy as part of the package.  We couldn't be happier! 

Thanks to her I now have a clock near my sewing machine so I can keep track of the time without straining my neck to see the clock that is on the wall behind me.  Plus, it has an alarm to keep me from getting "carried away" (not that any of us ever do that!) with my sewing, possibly missing an important appointment.  The clock is a perfect color match to the zippered pouch that I use to hold machine needles close by on my sewing table.  It is bright, happy and Oh. So. True!!!  I need to live to 150 to finish all of the quilts that are floating around in my head!

As soon as the holidays are over I will be putting my living room furniture up for sale and will begin the job of moving my sewing room to the main floor.   This clock will have a place of honor as a gift from the past that means SO much more now.



  1. How absolutely sweet. The clock suits you perfectly.

    Glad Jus has someone who is so kindhearted.

    God bless.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, yes, it is! But even more precious is the joy I see in my son's eyes as they plan their life together. And the little guy? Well, let's just say that being "honorary" grandparents is the BEST, although in my heart he is my grandson!