Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Painting Through the Years...

One day last week I was thinking about Christmas.  No surprise there, right?  Most of us are panicking that it is already December!  But with a special little boy in our lives this year, my son wants Christmas to be an "old fashioned" Christmas like when he was young...a Christmas tree that grazes the ceiling, the "family recipe" Christmas cookies baked, and carols heard throughout the house.  That got me thinking back to MY childhood!

When my dad was young, a "tween", he would paint pictures on store windows to make money at the holiday season.  When I was in MY tween years my dad told my mom about his painting.  She was amazed that she had never known (they've known each other since the 4th grade)!  She immediately requested that he paint the large mirror over the sofa in the living room.  With a quick trip to the craft store, the painting began.  

Over the years my dad painted numerous scenes, and by the second or third year he even convinced me to have a go at painting the powder room mirror.  Gosh how I wanted to see those paintings again!

I called my folks and on Wednesday dad brought me a handful of photos.  Unfortunately, many have really begun to fade, but I am going to scan them into my computer for posterity before the images fade completely.  So between now and Christmas I will share these memories from my past...a time when life, and the world, was a simpler, safer place...

This is dad's favorite painting.  Unfortunately, you can no longer make out the scowl on the elf's face as he holds the sacks of toys from falling off of the sled.  It was totally precious!

This was my first attempt at following in dad's footsteps.  Not bad for a beginner!

So...anyone out there think they would like to give it a try?  Pick out your favorite holiday card scene, draw the design with an oil pencil and then paint.  Years ago we used "poster paint"...I'm thinking MAYBE a craft paint would work as well.  

From me and my family...let the holiday festivities begin!



  1. I love this idea, just wish I could in fact paint beyond blobs.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie! I can copy a picture so that you recognize it, but my proportions and perspectives are not all that accurate. But I remember it being fun.