Sunday, January 31, 2016


If you have been reading along for a number of years you may remember my first sewing room.  After shutting down my business in 2010, we converted my former office into a wonderful sewing room.  I was in heaven!  However, it wasn't long before I began to outgrow this room, the smallest bedroom in our home.

When our Dear Son moved out of the house, I took over his old bedroom...had it repainted and appropriated his wonderful Ikea PAX unit for storage.

For several years now my Dear Hubby and Dear Son have suggested that I empty out our formal living room (which was NEVER really used in the 26 years we have lived in this house) and make it a larger sewing room.  I hemmed, I hawed and just couldn't bring myself to get rid of my pretty furniture...but more importantly, my organ.  I haven't been able to play it in at least 5 years, but it was such a big part of my life that removing it from our home seemed impossible.  Until recently.  I guess I have become wiser in my 55th year.  Life is meant to be lived and ENJOYED...and the formal living room was not offering me the opportunity for either!  And keeping my organ only brought home the fact that I would never again be able to play the way I once played!

So, after swallowing hard and breathing deeply I made the decision to take the plunge.  I would move my sewing room into the living room area.  Before Christmas I began organizing items to list on eBay.  By January 4th I had sold my organ and the large majority of furniture.  Yesterday, all but a sofa table and end table were picked up by the new owners.  I had every intention of putting down new flooring prior to moving into this room...but the expense of our flooded basement, a temperamental 14+ year old refrigerator, a broken freezer and three more appliances also purchased in 2001 gave me pause.  I have the distinct feeling that I am going to be hemorrhaging money this year.  New flooring is an expense I can do without! 

So today my incredible son and his wonderful girlfriend began moving furniture.  For HOURS they disassembled my sewing room and hefted the main pieces of furniture down the stairs.  My desk and printer sit in the place once occupied by my organ. 

My sewing table and cutting table sit across from my desk.  I still have a few smaller "furniture" items that need to be moved down next weekend...along with my son's Ikea PAX unit.  I think I will hide in my bedroom and chew my nails while they are moving that monster, LOL. 

And my old sewing room right now??? 

ACK!!!!!  Everything on, or in, my desk and sewing table was removed to lighten the load for carrying.  What is left is a mish-mash of stuff piled anywhere it could fit without causing an avalanche!  Oh, excuse the tremor is in its glory! 

Starting tomorrow I will move things downstairs, one handful at a time.  It may take me a full week to carry the bits and pieces downstairs, but I will do so happily knowing that I am working toward a beautiful new sewing studio. 

More to come!



  1. It is going to be absolutely fabulous!!! Can hardly wait to see the finished product.

    Hope your tremor gets better very quickly.

    God bless.

    God bless.

  2. Thanks, Jackie! I think I am going to LOVE this room. I can see out the front door and out the windows to our porch. It is so bright and happy! Of course at night I am in deep trouble because there is no light, but after I have lived in here a while and know I am keeping this setup I will have an electrician install overhead lights.

  3. I am so sorry about the water troubles you have been dealing with. Not fun! *sigh* Your new sewing room is going to be so pretty! I love seeing your progress. =)

    1. Thanks, Amy! Now I could kick myself. I should have done this years ago when my hubby first suggested it. I am so HAPPY in this room!!! Being on the first floor I can see all of my trees and flowers, and I can see the world going by. Definitely the right choice! I have a lot more to move, but I will get there!