Friday, January 8, 2016


Today I made a trip to my favorite thrift store looking for a 1" binder (sorry no picture) and a pair of pantyhose to try a frugal idea I had seen on online.  I found the binder for $.50 and the pantyhose for $.99.  Today all blue tags were 50% off!  

For several years now I have heard about wool dryer balls and how they work much better and are much less expensive than dryer sheets...even the cheap dollar store brand.  I searched my yarn stash and found a few small skeins of tapestry wool.  Since I don't know if tapestry wool will felt, I simply wound one skein into a ball.  I sliced off one leg of the pantyhose and inserted the wool ball, tying off the pantyhose above and below the ball.  Right now they are in the washer on hot.  I will dry them on the hottest setting and see if they begin to felt.  The online source that I used for instructions said that she had washed and dried her wool balls three times to get them properly felted.  If it works, I have several more skeins of tapestry wool to use up.  Oh, and the tapestry wool?  I got it for free several years ago from someone who was cleaning out all of her yarn!  If these dryer balls work as well as I anticipate, I will be saving money from now on...with very little investment! 

While roaming around the thrift store I found a cute little ceramic bag for holding pens in my sewing room.  For several years now I have used a wall vase to hold my pens.  However, it never really worked as well as I would have liked, so I will eventually list the wall vase on eBay to sell.  This little ceramic bag was also a blue tag and cost me only $.49 after discount. 

Last but not least, all wallets and handbags were 50% off.  I purchased these two small wallets for a total of $3.00.  I hope to be able to use one of them to corral all of my gift and loyalty cards.  Right now I have them in a vinyl zippered pouch, which is much bigger and takes up way too much room in my handbag.  Whichever one I do not end up using will be listed for sale on eBay! 

All in all it was a wonderful "thrifting" day.  I only spent $5 and fulfilled several needs and even scored an item to sell on eBay!  Frugality RULES!!!



  1. The ceramic bag is perfect for all those pens and pencils. I am looking for something similar but not having too much luck locating one.

    Tapestry wool should felt if it is wool and not a blend. Let us know how the wool balls work out as I have been thinking of making some as well.

    God bless.

    1. I fell in love with the ceramic bag, but didn't pick it up. Then I found out that all blue tags were 50% off and I remembered it was blue..,so I ran (power walked?" Back to that aisle and grabbed it. It is the perfect size for on my sewing table. I have a jug on my desk holding pens and pencils but sometimes I need to jot down a measurement and don't want to move from the table. I finished the one ball and it did felt, so I will wind a few more skeins and drop them all into the stocking, tied off with a piece of yarn in between. I will let you know how they work instead if dryer sheets!

  2. Great shopping. Love the idea of the felt balls,I'll be interested to hear how they turn out

    1. Thanks, Melody! I have been wanting to try the felted wool dryer balls for quite some time. I will let you know how they work!