Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Shortly after moving into my new sewing room I discovered two things that were missing...and sorely needed...seating and storage for oddly shaped items!  I had an opening directly in front of my window but did NOT want to cover the window completely.  I wanted egress to the window in case of emergency, and I also did not want to block any of the glorious light from entering my room.  It can get DARK in here...even in the daytime! 

Dear Hubby suggested a bench of some type.  Immediately I realized that a bench could help me store my most problematic item...the embroidery module for my sewing machine!  At my "training" session after purchasing my machine, we students were warned that the embroidery module was a sensitive piece of equipment and grabbing it by any of its "sticky out parts" or storing it in a not level position could prove hazardous to its function.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to store it in my Ikea Pax unit.  DARN that thing takes up a LOT of room!  And because it is recommended that owners NOT store heavy items on top of it, this one piece of equipment would render an entire shelf useless for storing anything else.  Without a closet like I had in the bedroom used for my old sewing is at a premium!

I took a quick measurement of the general height, width and depth I had available in front of the window, and the measurement of my embroidery module to see if I could find a bench with adequate size and storage.

I found this bench on the website.  However, the site neglected to include the inside measurements of the two cubbies...a critical measurement if I was to store my module.  Using the name of the manufacturer and name of the bench I was able to find it for sale at HomeDepot online..for $5 less than!  Fortunately HomeDepot gave all of the measurements and it looked like my module would juuuust fit!  My fingers flew over the keys to order it.

Unfortunately it took a while to arrive because it was shipped in from out of the country.  But the assembly didn't appear too difficult (at least my son didn't seem ready to pull his hair out during the assembly process) and it is really sturdy and pretty.  Best yet, it gives me a place to store my module, with the lightweight hoops and a zippered pouch of accessories on top.  In the other cubbie I have used six multipocket folders to hold all of my machine embroidery pattern color sheets.  The top one holds the stack of patterns I have yet to sort, patterns with no clear category, and PDF printouts of machine embroidery techniques and tips.

Next to the bench is a large box filled with different types of stabilizers.  The box came from a HUGE box of Russell Stover chocolates that J bought a few Christmases ago.  One of these days I will cover the lid with pretty fabric!

I am currently using the scraps left over from making my Pretty Petal Pillow to sew up a lightweight pad for the top.  I want to protect this beauty from blue jean rivet and zipper scratches!  I hope to have the pad finished soon!  More to come...



  1. Very nice. I just leave my embroidery module on my machine. I have another 3 for regular type sewing/quilting as well as the two sergers.

    God bless.

    1. Ahhh...I only have one machine. Since I sew more than I embroider I keep the module off unless in use. My mom and dad still have the first machine that they gave me for my 21st birthday. Some day I guess I will bring it back here and see if it still works.

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