Wednesday, June 1, 2016


After years of embracing the world of plastic, chemicals and GMO foods that surrounds us, I am on a quest for a simpler, more natural way of living.  This weekend I stopped at an Amish roadside market and bought these beautiful strawberries.  All of these cost a mere $6 and the taste is SCRUMPTIOUS!

Strawberry laden cereal is my favorite summertime breakfast!   I will make sure to freeze some of strawberries before they have a chance to become overripe. 

This is also the year I have decided to begin growing a bit of my own food.  Just a few containers for now, but hopefully that will increase year by year.  The pretty blue pot on the left is filled with peppermint.  Mmmmm....soon I will be able to plop a few sprigs into my iced tea for the true taste of summer!

In this pot I have planted two varieties of heirloom tomatoes, Brandywine and Gold Medal.  I intend to save the seeds to begin plants on my own next year. 

These two plants are Grape tomatoes to use in salads and for eating plain. 

I stil have two more self watering pots so I may plant some zucchini and peppers this weekend.  Hopefully I haven't waited to long to start. 

I am seriously considering planting two blueberry bushes in my back yard.  Maybe....

From the time I was very little I have always wanted a huge garden.  Every summer we spent two weeks "down the shore" at my great-aunt and great-uncle's house.  My great-uncle was VERY big into gardening and I can remember spending hours on end rocking in his chair and browsing through the seed books in the magazine rack at my elbow.  Oh how I dreamed of a big garden!

Marrying a man who does not like vegetables and then giving birth to a son who also turns his nose up at veggies has made my dream out of the question.  But the little guy LOVES veggies and this grandma will happily plant some of his favorites! 

Wish me luck!



  1. Once the men in your life taste fresh from the garden fruits and veggies they will no longer turn up their noses. You should be just fine planting the zucchini and peppers. Just try to get them in by the end of this week.

    You got a great deal on those strawberries.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks, Jackie! If life would slow down for 10 minutes I would like to go to the store and pick up some soil and veggies. Maybe tomorrow...

  2. I have a large garden, but as yet no veggies. Definitely on my 'To Do' list, though. Maybe I should begin with containers as you have, instead of planning a huge veggie garden that may never get done.

    1. I'm loving my container garden. VERY easy to take care of and virtually no weeding!