Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Maybe it is from all of those years of "multitasking" while running my own business...or maybe it's just the way my brain works...but I find that "multitasking" extends to my crafting as well!

Throughout the day I tend to work on different things for "tiny bites of time", whether it be housework or crafts, usually for around 5 minutes or so of effort.  Then I sit myself back down in my rocker to rest, or in my bed under the electric blanket to ease my pain, or on the sofa to watch TV, or at my computer station to surf online.  When I am sufficiently rested and/or my pain has lessened a bit I grab a different project to work on.  I find that different types of crafts use different muscle groups and, since my abilities vary sometimes by the hour, varying my activities throughout the day depending on my capabilities keeps any one muscle group from being overtaxed.  Some days all I can do is watch TV or listen to audiobooks, but other days I can manage a bit of crafting.  As a result I always have multiple projects going.

The whole time I am working on one project I am planning out the next five, ten or fifteen creations I want to begin.  How I long for the days before I became ill when I could just go, go, go and knock out tons of things in one day.  Now I have a constant backlog in my own personal "buffer" as my body can't produce as fast as my mind can imagine, lol.  I've learned to sketch out ideas, or begin the first stages of a project, in order to keep my ideas from becoming lost in the black hole of my brain.  I know I will NEVER be able to accomplish all I would like, but I can still dream and create, even if the projects never reach fruition. 

Right now these are the items on my craft table...

Two I am pretty sure you will recognize, but hopefully my body will cooperate and I will have more progress made in the next several weeks to give you a peek at some finished projects! 

So what are YOU working on?


  1. Wish I could do that, however it seems that if I can't get something finished I get bored and put it away to start something new. Hence my boxful of unfinished projects that I am determined to finish up this year.

    God bless.

    1. I have a FEW unfinished things that I also intend to finish up this year. Not many though...surprisingly. I tend to work on a bunch at once and finish them all. I think I only have one quilt that I started and didn't finish...YEARS ago. However, the seams are all opening and it is going to take a LOT of fixing before I can move on with it! I got so disgusted I shoved it all in a box and pretended it didn't exist!

  2. You, too, eh? I have a half-dozen projects going on at any one time (one of which will be my next blog post, LOL) I always have mending to to ... the basket usually pies up until DH complains.

    1. So, I'm really not alone with my multitasking craftiness? Ahhhh....I'm normal! LOL.

      I try to get to mending as soon as I can because I HATE doing it and will put it off until the item is out of style if I'm not hounded into doing it!