Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yes, that's me.  Bored Stiff!  I am really lost while Ellie is away getting fixed.  I am feeling good today, so I need to be "doing" something. 

I have so much I WANT to do right now and without her I am at a standstill.  I keep telling myself that I can begin cutting the next project, but my mind has a real problem with that.  "Finish what you start before you start something else!" begins sing-songing through my brain every time I contemplate cutting into the material for my next project.  Thus, I sit here like a stick in the mud.  Stuck. 

I have caught up on paperwork in the past few days and caught up on my laundry yesterday.  I am totally SICK of television and reading...I do THAT when my pain or tremor are too bad to do anything else!  I looked at a few recipes, but they are not in line with our new eating cooking/baking is out. I guess I could purge a few more areas of my house, but that is boring too. 

I think I need to bring my very first sewing machine home from my parents' house.  I gave it to them when my mom started having a harder time sewing by hand and I had gotten another machine.  Honestly, she never actually uses it and just brings her mending to me.  If I bring it back here then I would at least have a machine that can sew a straight stitch, zig-zag and reverse!  It's a good, heavy, mechanical Singer...back in the days when machines were made of metal inside, not plastic, and Singer was a good name in machines.  In a few weeks it will be 33 years old!  Yup, they made them better back then!  Off to phone my mom and see if I can pick it up today.  Let's hope by the time I get it I am still feeling good!


  1. Oh dear, I think you are suffering from quilting withdrawal. Hope you can overcome the boredom soon and you feel good enough to use your old machine.

    God bless.

    1. She's home! Ellie came back on Thursday night and I did some quilting yesterday. Ah...heaven, lol. I am waiting for some Aurifil thread to arrive as I am hoping it will make things flow a bit easier. Ellie is fixed, but still doesn't feel quite "right". The serviceman gave me a different type of FMQ foot and it has solved the main problem. I don't think the one I originally got was really meant for my machine and I had to "modify" it to make it work at all. This one is MUCH better, but I'm wondering if my machine just doesn't like the cheaper thread to FMQ with. Piecing is no problem, so if I only have to use the more expensive thread for FMQ it won't be too costly, lol. We have been purging and I have listed a bunch of things on Ebay (they are having a FREE LISTING promotion). I will probably spend tomorrow working on that also. I hope stuff sells...I want to pad out our emergency fund a bit more!