Monday, July 28, 2014

IT HAS BEEN A BUSY WEEKEND...and hopefully it will put some money in our pockets!

As you know, Dear Hubby and I have been working on purging through our home.  After 25+ years in this house it is AMAZING the amount of stuff we have accumulated!  Despite having MORE than enough items to have a good garage sale at the end of this summer, it is doubtful we will be able to pull it off.  My Dear Sweet Dad is having health issues again and may be facing yet another surgery in the next few months to remove another cancerous lesion from his lung.  We are in a holding pattern waiting for results, which will determine our course of action.

SOooooo...this weekend we began packing and moving all of the garage sale stuff down to the basement.

This is the pile of stuff in the basement for our "eventual" garage sale.  Those 7 Bankers Boxes are STUFFED full.

This is the pile in the dining room which still has to be "packed up" and moved downstairs.

This is the pile in the guest room which still has to be moved to the basement.

AND,  WE HAVE NOT EVEN PURGED THROUGH ONE QUARTER OF OUR HOME!  CRAZY!!  I am sincerely beginning to think that the Tiny House Folks have the right idea.  All of this stuff has cluttered up our closets and rooms and we have really not NEEDED any of it!  Time for it to go!!!

Currently, Ebay has a Free Listing promotion going on.  So this weekend I pulled out items that I thought had a good chance of selling and listed them.  To keep them separate from the "garage sale" piles, I used our now empty guest bed for my Ebay staging area.  

These are the items I have listed thus far (along with J's bass guitar).  I still have TONS of things to go through and list...and that is without even searching!  I sure hope I can get it all listed before the promotion is up!

During our search through the house we also came upon my four high school yearbooks, Dear Hubby's high school graduating year book, along with his college graduating yearbook.  I had read on a blog that gives gift cards as a thank you for sending in your yearbooks for them to scan.  So I did a bit of research on their website and found that they already had a copy of Hubby's high school year book...but the rest of the yearbooks were still not in the system.  So I contacted them, filled out an online form, and they sent me a box and paid shipping to mail away the first two of my yearbooks.  They said it would take about six weeks to process completely before my books would be returned to me.  Today I hope to fill out the online form to mail my next two yearbooks and Hubby's one yearbook.  Right now "every little bit helps"  around here and if the gift cards (should I receive any) do not have an expiration date I will put them away for "emergency" use.  Of note...the yearbooks must be OWNED by you...not just a yearbook you pick up at a garage sale. 

Today, Monday, has also been a GREAT freebie day!  I am a member of  Pinchme is a site where you can request samples every month.  The samples are based on your profile of likes and dislikes.  You can earn points by giving reviews, watching videos and referring friends.  This month I received a free sample of Gevalia coffee (YUMMY), a hair cleanser that will remove styling products from your hair without damage, Garnier Fructis shampoo, condition and moisture replenishing treatment and a bottle of Sinful Colors Professional nail polish.  I will see if K would like the nail polish as silver is really not my color, lol.  Though it is GORGEOUS in the bottle, I think I am a bit OLD for the color.  Then again, maybe it is just what I need to give a little umph to my style!  If you would like to join Pinchme, please email me and I will refer you.  I get points for each referral, and we can ALL use a bit more free in our lives!

Well, I'm headed downstairs to eat some lunch and clean up a bit in the kitchen.  Have a wonderful, frugal, day!


  1. Lin, I hope your Dad's results are good. Thoughts and prayers for you and all of yours.

    It does look like you got an excellent start on getting together all the garage sale and Ebay articles.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie. We heard today that the lesion is visible on the PET scan...which makes it more likely to be cancer. The surgeon is going to talk to the oncologist and then they will talk to dad.

  2. Hi I'd like to join pinchme. I like free stuff also.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you! I tried several times to invite you to Pinchme yesterday and couldn't get it to work. I have contacted them and they are working on fixing the problem. I will invite you as soon as they get things working again, lol. Take care!