Wednesday, July 30, 2014


ACK!  Yesterday and today are HORRIBLE!  I am shaking and tremoring all over the place. 

Yesterday morning I began a bit of FMQ on my Aunt's quilt.  Please pardon the fuzz, but see how nice and straight my line is?

By early afternoon my shaking had started...

Here it is when I finally decided to cry "UNCLE" and give up on working on her quilt.  This is the back of the quilt for better visibility.  I wasn't "winging it" with the FMQ, I actually had LINES drawn...which I couldn't manage to stay on! 

Yesterday afternoon my mom and dad came over so dad could hang some decorative boxes in our basement.  He wants to get it done just in case he has to have surgery again.  I tried to get up on a step stool to hold the tape measure for him, but my balance was horrendous.  My mom had to hold my waist to keep me from falling off of the stool...and I was only about 12 inches off the floor!  And today is no better! 

I'm praying that the horrible shaking and balance issues I have had for two days now is just one of my "bad episodes" and I will go back to being a little better until the next episode.  I don't know WHAT I will do if this becomes my normal.  However, one thing is for certain...I will deal with it and modify my life however I need to in order to live in spite of it. 

Speaking of modifying...I moved over to my quilting work table and began planning out a gift for a dear friend.  I have had the material, etc for months now...but I wanted to get my Aunt's quilt done before I started the gift.  It is a "just because" gift and has no deadline...unlike the quilt, lol.  But, since I can't work on the quilt, I might as well work on the place mats I am making for her kitchen!



  1. Even though your lines are a bit shaky you are still much braver than I. I know one of these days I will have to give FMQ a try, but I am scared.

    Hope your shaking goes away so you can continue with your Aunt's quilt.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks, Jackie! FMQ really isn't as scary as you think. It just takes a LOT of practice. The areas of my aunt's quilt where I wasn't shaking I am actually surprisingly happy with. Unfortunately the last month or so has been bad...and it shows on her quilt. But, like my mom said again yesterday, my aunt KNOWS how bad I get and will be touched that I did any of it for her! So I say, give it a try! When I was feeling well I really LOVED it! Make yourself a scrap sandwich and PLAY! after I filled it, I changed color of thread and just keep on stitching on top. The different color made it easier to see how I was improving the more I did!

  2. Jusmom I hope you get to feeling better soon. I have a wonderful doctor in Athens, PA (Dr. Barbara Harvey) who I trust through and through -- in case you need to get some other opinions. Thanks for stopping by the blog tonight and trust that your FMQ McTavishing will come soon. Hugs and positive energy your way. Karen

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! I will certainly keep her name handy in case I decide to get more input (I just wrote it on a post-it and put it on my pin board). I guess I am frustrated because when I wasn't shaking so bad I was actually happy with how my FMQ was coming out (just an easy stipple). I hope things quiet down a bit because I am dying to try new patterns, McTavishing among them! Then again, maybe wiggly FMQ will be the newest trend, lol. Take care!