Thursday, August 7, 2014


Today has been a GOOD day!  Thank you, God.  Today I finished the upper wide brown border.  Then I made my decision about the skinny side borders.

The side border is filled with sales motion quilted by me! 

Here are my tags.  They alternate along a "string" running down the border.  Not bad for my first try at "writing", lol. 

I also knew that the area around the petals on my red border needed to be densely quilted in order for the petals to "pop".  I didn't know exactly how to do it...until I watched a class by Cindy Nedham on Craftsy.  She taught us how to do a technique called "Scribbling".  It is REALLY neat. 

It is a little bit tough to see the "puff" of the petals in this picture because of the pattern in the fabric.  Densely quilting the in between portion pushes it down and makes it flatter so that the petals pop.

It is a LOT more visible on the back!  Four done and a WHOLE LOT MORE to go! 

I am learning SO MUCH in making my Aunt's quilt.  I kinda wish I had learned all of this before I started her quilt so that my technique would be a little bit more proficient.  But I guess we only stretch ourselves when we come upon a situation where we NEED something new.

I sure hope tomorrow I can sew, but even if I can't...I've gotten so much done today that I feel really GOOD!



  1. Very, very nice Lin. I am liking this quilt a great deal.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie! I am having a BALL with this quilt! Take a deep breath and take the FMQ plunge! You will be glad you did, lol. Then again, maybe's addictive!!!