Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I've managed to fit a bit of quilting on my Aunt's Christmas between bouts of total lack of cooperation on my body's part!  But I am REALLY happy with how it is turning out, so I guess I will have to learn to have a little patience, lol.

I have finished most of the red border on all four sides.  I had originally decided to stop at the point of four leaves meeting in the middle of each red square.  However, the design doesn't really "pop" enough, so I think I am going to do some dense quilting around the leaves to give them more depth.  I am also planning to put a tiny black button in the center of the leaves (on the front of the quilt).  I haven't decided yet if I will sew them on with red thread or black thread.  Any ideas?  I have also found a "feathered crown" quilting motif that I want to put in the center of each of the red borders.  I have left a 10" section free of quilting on each one of the red borders.  I will do that very last as I will have to set up my embroidery module to do the "quilted" motif. 

This is a picture of the back of the red border.  See the space around the four leaves?  That is where I am going to do the dense quilting.

After I finished the red border I began work on the large brown border at the bottom.  I am really REALLY happy with how they turned out.  Tomorrow I hope to finish the large brown border at the top.    I still may decide to densely quilt the background so that the rope really stands out.  That decision will wait until I am finished with the background quilting on the red border.  I am not fully decided on how to quilt the thinner side brown borders.  I have it narrowed down to two options, but with make the decision when more of the other quilting is finished.  All of that quilting may impact my decision one way or the other.

This is how the back of the two quilted areas came out.  I'm lovin it!

Keeping my fingers crossed that I can do some quilting tomorrow.  Now that I am getting nearer to the finish of this quilt, I am REALLY anxious to see it completed!