Thursday, November 6, 2014


The applique blocks are finished and sewn together.  Hard to take a picture when the item is this long and I'm this short, lol.  So here is a "one by one" of each block...

This block is repeated as the first and last block.  For some reason my computer would not download the first block picture.  So just imagine this times two!

I don't know if you can tell, but the fabric I used was called Artisan Spirit Shimmer.  Each fabric has a bit of a gold shimmer in it.  I decided that I wanted a hint of metallic in three of the appliques.  Fortunately, since buying needles specifically for metallic thread (never knew there was such a thing) I had NO trouble at all with this applique!

This block was problematic!  It is simply a two color applique and the green and light aqua were SO DULL.  I considered making another block, but there is a "matching" of overall shapes on each side of the center block, and there was not another one I could use.  Sooooo....I looked online for a plain circle applique that I could buy.  None that I could find.  I DID find a machine embroidery pattern of different sizes of circles.  It was free, so I downloaded it right away.  I played around for a while with scraps of fabric and came up with something I thought would work. 

I reduced the size of the smallest circle so that it was sufficiently different in size than the existing circles and would allow some of the aqua to show through.  I then lined my needle up with the center of the aqua circle, and moved a few threads over toward the center of the block so there would be more aqua showing on the outer edges of the circles.  I then placed a piece of the brown fabric over the aqua and pressed start.  I kept my finger right over the button so I could quickly stop when needed.  After the machine had made a single stitch circle I hit stop.  I removed the hoop (leaving the fabric in place) and trimmed off the brown fabric around the stitched circle.  I put the hoop back in the machine, pressed start, and let the pattern stitch a beautiful satin stitch around the brown fabric.  I am LOVING the way it turned out.  Necessity IS the mother of invention. 

This is the center block and has the largest amount of metallic thread.

I have discovered my LEAST favorite part of machine embroidery...tearing off the stabilizer.  This block was particularly difficult.  I know I could use wash away stabilizer, but I really love the stiffness of the tear away during the embroidery process.

A little bit more metallic thread on this one...

This one again!

My next step will be cutting out the fabrics for the flying geese around the appliqued blocks.  I would love to do it today, but my body is not cooperating at all.  So...I will rest and hope tomorrow is a more productive day. 



  1. This is going to be absolutely gorgeous! Barb in CA

    1. Thank you, Barb! I can't wait to see it all finished! I think they are going to love it!

  2. I am really enjoying the colours in this runner. They go together so well.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie! All but one of the fabrics is part of a line called Artisan Spirit Shimmer, so the matching was all done for me. However, the solid brown that appears in the first block, middle block and last block are scraps left over from my Dear Aunt's Christmas present quilt this year! My mom loves decorating so I always try to make items "go with" their decor. One day I was over their house and mom was commenting how well her quilt "went with" my dad's quilt. Well, duh...LOL. That was done on purpose! I don't like "matchy-matchy" where everything in the room is made with the same fabric, but I do believe in pulling a look together. I am, after all, my mother's daughter!

  3. Great job, I've been waiting for the latest update. Your creative process is fun to see. Beautiful work.
    Red Robin

    1. Thank you, RR! I think the folks and my Dear Aunt are going to love it! Can't wIt for Christmas!