Saturday, January 10, 2015


J is tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money to a landlord each month and getting nothing for his hard earned cash...not even sufficient maintenance of his apartment.  SOOOooo...he has decided to move back home and save up for a down payment on a house.  Dear Hubby and I agree that his best way to save up is to reduce his cash outlay, and living here will do that (dramatically)!  Plus, secretly, we are thrilled to have him around again!

So today he is moving back home.  Please excuse any absences over the next week or two as we try to fit his 832 sqf apartment into our home.  And, NO, I am NOT giving up my Expanded Sewing Room so he can have his bedroom back, lol.  Instead he will be moving into our finished basement.  But, since it is a "finished" basement it is going to be "FUN" trying to fit all of his stuff into an already decorated room!  Oh how I wish his stuff was made of shrinky-dink!

Be back soon...


  1. It will be nice for you to be all together once again. Have fun fitting everything back into the house. BTDT many times over the years.

    God bless.

    1. We have all of the big items moved either to storage at my folks' house or into the basement. Amazingly, the way he rearranged the basement furniture to open up an area for his "bedroom" really looks GREAT. And, since our basement is gray and black with a little blue and red, all of his stuff really matches well. He even hung one of his TVs on the wall and we all LOVE it. I am sure even after he moves out we will always have a TV on the wall now!