Saturday, January 10, 2015


Did you ever reach a point in your project where you just weren't liking ANYTHING you considered as the "next step"?  I am at that point...and I have to say it is really frustrating for me.  Mostly, because I am usually SUPER decisive, know exactly what I want in my head and hit the ground running.  This time I have limited myself to ONLY using the fabrics that are in my stash (cheaper and challenging!).  Therein lies the problem!  I thought I loved a challenge, but now I'm not so sure, lol.  I am really happy with the fabrics I have chosen so far.  But, NOTHING from my stash seems to be a good "fit" for the pieced border that I planned next!

Okay, time to focus on the positives.  
  1. I love the fabrics so far.  They are so bright and HAPPY!  Check.  
  2. I absolutely LOVE the zig-zag stitch I used to attach my raw edge flower petals.  Check.  I wish I could get a better picture (it blurs every time I try to get a close-up of the stitching).  I usually use Satin Stitch or Blanket Stitch to applique, but played around with one of the zig-zag stitches on my machine.  It will be my go-to for many projects I am sure...if I can recreate it, that is!  Usually when I find a stitch setting that I like I take a picture of the project (as close up as I can get) and take a picture of the settings on my machine.  I tape them both to the same page in my Project Book.  Wellllll...I forgot!  Grrrr!  Can you tell that my mind is frozen in frustration??  Deep cleansing breath...  There are only a few zig-zag options on my machine and only so far I can change the size, so I am sure EVENTUALLY I will find it again.  But, geeeezzz...  Sigh.  As Scarlett would say, "I'll think about it tomorrow!"
  3. I know EXACTLY what I am doing for the center of the flower.  I can SEE it in my head!  Check.  
  4. Ummmmm...STUCK!
Solution...dare I say it?  WIP.  I think my only work in progress is J's quilt and a quilt I started MANY moons ago and honestly will probably never finish.  HEY...if I remember correctly it was sorta, kinda teal-ish blue!  Maybe those fabrics will work!  I just KNEW there was a silver lining in there somewhere!  If not, I may just hang this little block on my pin board until a new solution pops into my head. 

Aaahhh...peace.  Now I can go back to sleep...



  1. I am sure that as you sleep on it a great idea on the pieced border will come to you. Those are some happy colours!

    God bless.

    1. I really NEED to clean out my fabric stash and I'm hoping I will find some fabric that will fit the bill. Hoping...