Saturday, January 17, 2015


At the end of December I took stock of my numerous gift cards.  I had quite a few that were set to expire in early 2015; so in January I began purchasing various quilting supplies to keep from "losing" money to ridiculously short expiration dates.  Of course, since all of my purchases were being made online, I was left with "small" amounts of money on numerous cards.  My goal is to get all of my cards down to $0.00, but the minimum I am willing to lose is less than $1 on a card.  If I can, I will use the tiny bit of change left on a card toward in-store purchases (though we all know how much I hate to shop in brick and mortar stores!)

One of my cards was down to $4 and change.  By the time you include tax and shipping, there isn't very much you can buy in the world of quilting for under $5.  Then I remembered Judi Madsen's shop, Green Fairy Quilts.  Judi offers free shipping within the US and carries a good number of "mini" charm packs...32 at last count...for under $4 each! My fingers flew over the keys and within seconds I was "ooo-ing" and "ahh-ing" over the selection.  BUT, I could only buy one!  It was a very unusual (for me) half hour of indecision before I finally put a single pack of "Best Day Ever" in my cart.  I have three or four mini-charm packs in my stash and they are all in bright primary colors.  Hopefully I can combine pieces from multiple lines to make a truly unique project.  "Best Day Ever" seemed like it would fit right in.

A few days ago I received my mini charm pack and it DIDN'T make it into my stash with all of the other stopped right on my craft table!  Amazingly, a large number of the charms were a perfect match for my "petal" pillow/mini!  I had stopped working on my pillow/mini because nothing in my stash was quite "right" for the pieced border I had in mind...and I was DETERMINED to use only fabrics I had on hand to finish the project. 

Yesterday I began the cutting and piecing and I'm REALLY happy with the way "Best Day Ever" is adding such a pop of color against the first border.  Thanks to Judi I was able to add to my stash for free and find the solution to my problem at the same time!  Kudos, Judi...I LOVE YOUR SHOP! 


  1. So nice and bright and cheery. Love it.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you! I seem to really be leaning toward the bright and happy these days!

  2. I think the squares are beautiful!! I am so sorry I did not check back with you regarding the squares. It's actually not a link, its a help page that is in every easy quilts by fons and porter magazines. I will see if I can scan it, if not Iwill see if I can describe it. Quilter